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Media day for NCHC and BIG today.

Dillon Simpson represented as the UND player rep

NCHC Preseason Poll

1. Miami (7) 115

2. North Dakota (5) 109

3. St. Cloud State (4) 99

4. Denver 66

5. Western Michigan 61

6. Minnesota Duluth 43

7. Colorado College 42

8. Nebraska-Omaha 41

@TheNCHC: The NCHC Coach of the Year Award will be named the Herb Brooks Coach of the Year Award in honor of legendary coach Herb Brooks #NCHCHockey

@TheNCHC: Commissioner Fenton says the league will unveil a mobile app in the very near future for fans to stay up to date on happenings in the NCHC

@TheNCHC: Also announced that fans will have the chance to name the NCHC Tournament on Twitter using hashtag #NCHCChamp or on NCHC Facebook page

@TheNCHC: Commissioner Fenton announced that fans who have purchased tix to the NCHC Championship already have locked in same pricing for next year

@TheNCHC: Commissioner Fenton says that the NCHC Championship will be built around giving student-athletes and fans a great experience #NCHCHockey



2. Minnesota

3. Michigan

4. Michigan State

5. Ohio State

6. Penn State

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