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UNA fan bashed you guys


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I'm so bored with that racial stuff. I hope it didn't happen, but everytime southern schools complain, it is racial stuff. Like teams from up in the north don't have blacks on their teams. They think all northern people are racists.

Give it up, UND won and North Alabama loss. They should be going after their drug addicts on their team that may have cost them the game!

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Dear MustangFan,

The Civil War has been over for over 130 years, why refer to the north US as "northerners" its like I might as well say you ceazy "hicks" but I know thats wrong. Please don't tell me that this was your first experience at a football game more north than Tennessee (no pun intended) but com'on wheres your school spirit. You mean you tell me that you don't cheerfor your team like we cheer our Fighting Sioux. It's how we show our support for our team but theres always a fan that wants to make an *ss of himself/herself. I'm sorry you didn't like the way we cheer but thats what you get for traveling up north over 1000 miles.

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he talked about dru and how you guys used the n-word against there players and how he can not wait to get pay back when you guys travel down to florence sounds like he is going to hurt a sioux fan when you guys get down there


Nice try

I'm not sure the fans on here are going to get all wound up after you try and post stuff in hopes of inciting a big bashing of UNA people.

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This is not in the least bit a UNA board but a portion of Alabama Live. The idiots that are on here have nothing to do with the real fans and probably did not even watch the game. I just read where one UNA student told them to shut the he** up. How funny is that?

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Here is a little tidbit from the GV board, thanks to Alabama Laker Fan. Places to go in Florence but also another one's thoughts on the rooting interests by the locals. :

First, thanks for the nice words about our volleyball team. We are extremely proud as they are now the D2 national champions. It was sad to see in the local newspaper this morning 3 full pages about the loss to UND and one little column about the volleyball team winning it all...only in the South.

Here are my Florence Tips:

Best Hotels: Hampton Inn (Florence) & Holiday Inn (Muscle Shoals); Webster Inn in Tuscumbia is pretty good as well.

Restaurants: Florence has a LOT of restaurants for its size. Most of them are located on Cox Creek pkwy. There are mostly chain restaurants there (O'Charleys, Applebees, Chili's, etc.) and a decent mall. If you want a pricey, fine dining experience go to Dale's Steakhouse. It is absolutely fanatastic but you will pay $25 a plate.

If you live in Florence and someone is coming to visit you, the one place you take them is Ricatoni's. It is an Italian restaurant with great atmosphere located in downtown Florence--about 5 minutes from the stadium. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but will be VERY crowded. The best hamburger in town is at Stagg's Grocery. They are unbelievable! They are only open for lunch so you might want to go there on Friday or Saturday.

Bars & clubs: Florence has none (collective GVSU gasp here). Lauderdale County (where Florence is) is a dry county meaning that you cannot serve alcohol on tap. We have restaurant bars where you can drink all you want, but just not on tap...don't ask me why. If you really want a bar, you can drive across the river to Sheffield (about 5-10 minutes). However, how do I say this?, you may run into some stereotypical, Deliverance-type Alabamians. Don't say I didn't warn you. If you really want bars/clubs, you will have to go to Huntsville which is about an hour east. It is very easy to get there though (one road...hwy 72). H'ville is a city of about 100,000 and they have quite a few choices.

Parking: Parking for the game will be a nightmare as Braly has NO official parking lot. Everyone parks in the neighborhood around the stadium. Get there early or prepare for a hike. I'm sure you'll all be there plenty early though...will be a nice atmosphere several hours before the game.

Let me know if you have anymore questions or need directions anywhere! Local newspaper had front page story about the UND & GVSU game on Saturday. Have lived through many national championship weeks here in Florence and it is always interesting to see which team the local crowd will pull for. I have a feeling it is definitely going to be the Lakers. North Dakota treated our fans like garbage on Saturday and word is spreading around town. They don't stand a chance against you guys if they're not in their dome.

Can't wait to have you all here. We better hear "Sweet Home Alabama" blaring from every one of your cars as you roll into town!

Your Florence e-tour guide,


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No bars in Florence? WOW.

I've been to some places in ND and Minnesota where you could just about hold town meetings every night at the local establishments they were so esconsed in "culture."

What does one do for fun in Florence? And is there a real thing as moonshine?

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There are places to drink beer/alcohol in Florence. It is just that each establishment has to serve 60% food to 40% liquor. There are several bars only in Muscle Shoals just across the river form florence, where both teams will be staying.

And YES there is such a thing as moonshine. Let me know if you are interested. But you better have a designated driver for the rest of the night though.

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