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Online courses propel UND growth

Online education accounts for an increasing portion of UND’s enrollment, officials there say, and will be an important component as the school develops a new model for ensuring enrollment stays stable.

“Online education is very important for our growth opportunities, because if you look at high school demographics, they’re decreasing,” said Lori Reesor, UND vice president for student affairs.

“President (Robert) Kelley has said he believes we’re at the right size. Now it’s more about maintaining enrollment and shaping the class by increasing the quality and diversity of our students,” she said. “It’s not just the right number of students but insuring that the students who come here are prepared to be here.”

UND is looking at a new enrollment management model in which its colleges, schools and departments will determine where growth will be, she said.

I know there is a certain school that poo-pooed UND for getting the online programs going. Looks like it is paying dividends.

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U.S. News ranks UND #3 in the nation for student services & technology for online bachelor’s degrees

The University of North Dakota earned the No. 3 spot in the nation in the student services and technology category for its exceptional online bachelor’s degree programs in the first-ever edition of Top Online Education Program rankings by U.S. News & World Report. UND also placed in the top 75 in five different category rankings for its online graduate programs in business and nursing.

“UND is committed to providing high quality educational experiences for all of our online students, and to be recognized by U.S. News in multiple categories, including a No. 3 ranking for our student services and technology support, is an honor, ” said Philip Parnell, director of Online Enrollment Management. “We are very proud of the hard work put forth by all of our faculty and staff involved in online education.”

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We really started all of this back in 98 and since technology has been improving over the years we have utilized things that work well and weeded out the things that don't. It is amazing some of the things we can do from a distance to still facilitate excellent learning experience. I can tell you we are light years ahead of SU in terms of online delivery. However you now see from the legislature the maximizing of IT efficiencies being pushed. This basically means UND will run most of these services and hardware from the new data center that is proposed for the current Central Receiving building. This does present a problem as now the CIO for the NDUS system is basically pushing bad decisions and services to all 11 institutions all in the name of its centralized and won't cost your campus anything. :) :) I don't think the students like the new live@edu email choice the state got the rest of the campuses into with a State Microsoft contract.

I think they would have preferred Gmail.

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