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Great West Conference ADs to meet in Vegas


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Here is the latest from NDSUs quest for a conference. It seems that the Great West Conference is moving forward.


College football: NDSU eyes football-only conference

By Jeff Kolpack

The Forum - 11/22/2003

Athletic directors from six Division I-AA schools will meet next month in what appears to be a serious step in forming a football-only conference.

North Dakota State athletic director Gene Taylor will be joined by representatives from South Dakota State, Southern Utah, Cal Poly, California Davis and Northern Colorado Dec. 8-9 in Las Vegas.

St. Mary

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Why, those are fine D1AA schools that fill their stadiums every home game, and all are located in fairly close proximity to the Stream Yellow's homebase too. Yes, I'm sure that Chaps and Co. are just counting the revenues from all the sold out games at the FloodDome as the 'SU faithful elbow each other for tickets to see these well known rivals. There might even be an ESPN, or *gasp* Fox, TV deal in the wings too. Maybe this will be a stepping stone to NC games with Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska, etc. Gosh, I wish UND would have this opportunity of a lifetime.

/straight face off ... BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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IMHO, that looks like a good proposal for a new I-AA conference. I say bueno suerte! I wouldn't mind seeing UND move up after everything shakes out with division alignment in the NCAA. Hopefully, UND can rejoin NDSU in a level playing field and the same conference. In the meantime, I think UND officials are waiting it out. Thankfully, UND does have the needed facilities to make the move up.

In the meantime, what's up with Joe Glenn? I've been meaning to ask you this....doesn't he know it's rude to take the Bronze Boot the first year at Wyoming! :lol: I'm still pissed off......... :p

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I think that if the GWC comes to fruition it will be a force to deal with in D1AA Football. Obviously Davis, Cal Poly, UNC and NDSU will give the powers that be a run for thier money in 4 years. My personal bias is to see NDSU get into the BSC (then I could actually go to some games with out huge travel :silly: ). However, if the BSC doesn't happen this seems like a great alternative.

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