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  1. The Bisons? So, now we're going to play THEM for the Nickel Trophy, right? Had to laugh at the name of the 6'4" defenceman, Jordan "Little"?
  2. Que? That was wierd. So, If an artist does a statue of a Sioux warrior, and have it bronzed here in Northern Colorado, it isn't an actual Sioux warrior unless the artist is a Sioux warrior? Whaaaaa? By that logic, the paintings of the presidents of the United States in the White House aren't actually painting of presidents because the presidents didn't do them? Only artists of various backgrounds did them, so they are invalid. Or even if one of the presidents of the United States looks at one of those paintings, let's say the one of President Kennedy done in an impres
  3. I live right by the Budweiser Events Center, home of the CHL champion Colorado Eagles. I think they (CHL teams) are big and slow. Without the two line pass rule (which the CHL eliminated) any top college team would win. Currently, UND fits that bill. But, as far as who "rules" the campus....duh. UND Hockey....period. That's the way it is and that's the way we like it. I like the football team, but hands down I prefer watching UND hockey.
  4. I guess I was also wondering why you were showing the statue in front of the casino. Now I know. That is a very good case you make here, PCM. The case that the logo cannot possibly be found "hostile and abusive" if a statue like this is in front of the casino. Point taken.
  5. This is a bit off subject, but I think it pertains to the overall discussion. A couple of years ago, I was in East Grand and went to Whitey's. I hadn't been there, or at least the bar knows at Whitey's since before the flood. I had a few beers with my brother and on my way staggering out bought a "Whitey's" T-shirt. It was blue with a bit old white lettered "Whitey's" logo on the shirt with all the other information in small print. I didn't think too much of it when I bought it, going to school in the area and being so familiar with that bar. (To the detriment of my grades! ) A
  6. Okay. Now, I read an article at the beginning of the issue about how supportive the Seminole tribe is of FSU's nickname. (Which, of course I can't find right now, figures) In that article it stated that while one Seminole tribe in Oklahoma supported the nickname, some group of five tribal councils (I believe?) including five different Seminole tribes oppose the use of the nickname. In either case, the NCAA granted an exemption without having 100% full support for the Seminole name amongst all involved. Why is this important? Because it establishes a precedent. Now, how can the N
  7. Well, responding to the use of Dakota, we'll just call our school the University of North. Also, why don't we just charge the Big Sioux Truckstop $1 a year to place all those thousands of Sioux logo designs in the Ralph. We'll just call it "advertising" for the Big Sioux Truck Stop!
  8. *IF* for some reason the NCAA manages to force UND to get rid of the Sioux name, then I would say not use any name. Just have uniforms, etc that say North Dakota. or University of North Dakota. Keep the same colors. But refuse to obtain a new nickname. If anyone asks, just say we used to be the Fighting Sioux, but the NCAA took it from us and we don't want another name. Call me bitter.
  9. Hopefully the Spirit Lake Tribe will help out. PCM, is there anything we can do to encourage them to produce a supporting resolution?
  10. I went to a few Sioux/CC games at the old Broadmoor. You aren't missing much. Maybe a few rats running around their Blue Line Club!
  11. Totally agree here. Both of my brothers attended UND. (They both graduated elsewhere.) I attended and graduated from UND. Despite that, we are all stinking left wing pinko's Yet we all dig the Fighting Sioux logo and the name. We all also don't like the Wahoo and the Redskin nickname. They are respectful at UND. Ralph went out of his way to reach out to the Native American community. I feel it is more beneficial to them to keep the name. They will keep the name out there and probably increase funding to the programs that they want/need. I emailed and am writing all the fol
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