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Signs intimidate Gophers


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In an intermission interview with Gopher hockey program associate Mark Bahr, the interviewer asked his opinion of REA being an NHL-class arena but somehow maintaining a college feel (no one had the guts to directly say "in contrast to Mariucci"). Bahr credited the fans for creating the atmosphere and specifically mentioned that the students make a bunch of crazy signs -- they then tried to discuss one relating to the Potulnys, but couldn't collectively recall the wording.

Good job all you crazy sign-wielding people. :glare:

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Yes -- having spent many hours creating catchy phrases for my own signs for the 2000 and 2001 Frozen Fours, I've found it enormously entertaining reading the posts on the signs, and then seeing them on Dataflix. They really look good! (And, the Gophers cooperated for the "Kiss Cam" sign.)

(I love the "Pried Off Ice" idea -- hope we see that tomorrow night!)

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The signs at the game were tremendous (and not just the ones I made)! I made a Potulnys sign, too. It said, "Potulnys: Call Now! 1-800-JOIN-UND (Tutors Are Standing By)." I also made one that said, "Irmen: Yes, your credits transfer--UND Admissions" which fit in perfectly with the thought bubble the Ralph superimposed over Danny's head while he was in the box that said, "Wonder if my credits transfer to UND?" The "Wanted for Treason" sign one was great but the pictures of the brothers were too small to be recognized. That's a common sign-making problem. Unless the Ralph cooperates and shows the signs on the Dak, most people in the arena can't see them. There were several signs in the student section upper bowl that I couldn't read from the corner of the lower bowl. But the ones that were made visible by being shown on the Dak were great. Imagination & humor can't be beat.

However, here's a heads up for furture sign-makers. Friday night, the head of security took me & the 22 signs I brought into the arena aside and went through every single one to see if they were acceptable or not. So, when you read the soon-to-be-posted St. Cloud signs thread and think they're both tame and lame, just remember that I have to be able to get them past security. The head of security told me that he had to approve each sign because complaints were made about the signs from the Yale series. I couldn't believe it: don't these people have cable, watch "Will & Grace" or ever listen to a Jay Leno monlogue?

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