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The Sicatoka

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USD has had some problems turning the ball over this year, so the UND defense needs to get some take-aways. Also, the Coyotes haven't been particularly successful throwing the ball as they're last in the NCC in passing. Considering that the UND defense has been struggling a bit against the pass, hopefully we can get the ship righted a little bit in that regard.

Offensively, I would like to see more of an effort to get Strouth to the perimeter. He's got excellent speed and quickness, but at 165 pounds it seems a bit pointless to run him much between the tackles. He's by far the best big-play threat of all the Sioux running backs. Also, Mielke has shown that he can be a pretty big-time tight end. He made a great catch against UNO where he went up over the db. He should be thrown to at least 3-4 times a game if not more.

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I'm worried about this game more than any other game this season. The Sioux have guaranteed at least a share of the conference title, but USD is a pretty decent team. My little brother is in the NDSU marching band and he said that USD moved the ball pretty well against NDSU last weekend, but just fvcked up when they had the opportunity to score. USD has nothing to lose, UND has home field in the playoffs to lose. :glare:

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