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ALthough I wasn't in Madison I checked out this picture. What a cool picture. Would be awesome to have one of those

The artist presetned it to the WCHA commisioner at the Final Five in St. Paul. I think it is great. I would like to get one and hang it in my sons room.

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I looked into the prints a couple of days after the F5. I thought I had read that all the prints were sold, but can't find anything about that now. Anyways, here's a link to the WCHA print. Other than the gopher paintings, he's got some pretty cool stuff.

Yes, they are sold out. When I called the number someone had posted, the person who answered the phone put my name on a list they were starting 'in the event a second printing' is done. The cost of a print was $200.

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I was lucky and noticed on his website back in February that he was doing a WCHA print. I figured it would sell out, but not this quickly. He has done some great work. His classic Mariucci print of the Sioux and Gophers is now worth several thousand dollars.

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