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  1. I wish the name of the thread would be changed. Every time I open Siouxsports.com I about piss myself when I see "Hextall Signs" on the front of the page.
  2. I couldn't get the pdf to load to see who the dufies are that would A) draft the bill and B) sponsor it. If they're in my district, names on petitions need to be gathered to have a recall election (maybe state representative and senators aren't accountable to recall elections. Who elected the fun police?
  3. Trying to spread the word: Instead of chanting "sieve" when the Sioux score this weekend, how about a "Kangas" chant?
  4. They only showed the replay of the goal from the overhead cam once at the Ralph, it definitely looked as though it did not clear the line. If it hits nothing but pipe... Just because the refs reviewed it, doesn't mean that the puck actually cleared the line. Two words; Randy Schmidt
  5. I thought I was in Mariucci for about 60 seconds Saturday night. During the break between the end of the 3rd period and overtime, the little kid reciting the Herb Brooks speach was played on the video screen. Seriously?!?! Any team other than Minnesota, that would have been fine. However, a little tidbit of info for the genius (I may have been listening to Sid's show for too long) who run's the videos; Herb Brooks used to coach the goofers!!!! How could you not know that?
  6. I don't know about banning political parties, but there absolutely needs to be TERM LIMITS!!!
  7. Amen brother. A#%$^men. I've asked twice, but have yet to get any type of response. When you believe in junk science (I know another red herring) it's difficult to back up your beliefs.
  8. Just because you say so, doesn't make it so. It's not like people have a choice from who they buy their power from. Person A might live in a part of a state that is powered by a coal burning plant that captures it's carbon. Person B might live in a different part of the state that purchases his/her energy from a coal plant that releases it's carbon right into the atmosphere. Obviously Person B will be paying much more for energy the Person A. Other then moving or reducing energy costs, there's not much person B can do. Once again, what is the reason fore capping carbon emissions?
  9. How'd that Kyoto protocol work out for everyone? In case people aren't aware; it went about as well as Rosemary Kennedy's lobotomy.
  10. What is the point of limiting CO2 output then??? According to the Bloomberg article that you linked, C02 permits will generate $100 billion/year by 2020. Who do you think pays for these permits? It's not the Exxons and the coal power plants, it's you and me. If Coca Cola is charged more for their sugar by their supplier, they don't eat the higher prices, they're passed on to their consumers.
  11. Isn't the ultimate goal of curbing carbon emissions to stop "global warming." If so, speaking of "global warming" is in fact then staying on this thread. If cap and trade is passed, this will have a CATASTROPHIC effect on our economy (corporations, and the jobs that they provide will be packing up and leaving this once fine great nation). If you think things are bad now... If Minnesota doesn't want our ND coal, fine by me. But I don't think Minnesotan's will enjoy reading by candle light, or heating their houses with fairy dust (obviously they won't be able to use wood, or other materials that are too dirty to burn, and I'm assuming fairy dust, although to be clean burning, it's also quite expensive). Wind energy isn't at a point to be able to supply that much power to the state, and obviously nuclear power, even though okay for Iran (Obama's words), won't generate any more power than it already does. So where do you get your power from?
  12. If it comes to this; the NDBHE decides to punt. I don't know if I'll be more upset with them (actually UND) or Ron His Horse is a Complainer, and all of the other complainers. So, I'll probably retire my sweater, and anything else with the Sioux logo, and wear whatever apparel I have left. I've already quit giving money to my alma mata because they wouldn't schedule UND, and I'll quit giving money to the Sioux Club with my hockey tickets. !@#$ PC!
  13. Good stuff. I think we can include in #3. for example... bruess got Finley'D in an exhibition game.
  14. I think the other four blue liners might get a little tired with Finley and Genoway riding the pine.
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