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  1. I'm looking for 1 ticket Friday night. Will pay cash in GF, Venmo, or Paypal.
  2. 2 Tickets Section 206 Row Z - Seats 2 & 3. $200 total. Will transfer via Ticketmaster app.
  3. They recruit Fargo kids like we recruit Sioux Falls kids.
  4. SiouxDini

    2018 Season

    Anyone know anything about Wesley Jefferies?
  5. SiouxDini

    2018 Season

    Ok I'm guessing its LT- Mortel LG- Nguon C- Rooney RG- Aplin RT- Blair
  6. SiouxDini

    2018 Season

    Who do you anticipate as the starters? I can't remember the Spring Ball Depth Chart and too lazy to find it.
  7. SDSU did have interest. Fact.
  8. I may be wrong, but I don't believe he started on the WF oline last year? That would make me assume they are looking at him at defense.
  9. I believe both are PWO. SDSU had interest in Langstaff.
  10. SiouxDini

    2018 Season

    I've heard the same thing.
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