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  1. CBSSPORTS.COM has an article about how 8 of the 20 starters in the Final Four are transfers. It's at the start of this article. there are a few stories bunched together: https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/a-life-saving-story-behind-baylors-final-four-run-how-a-kidney-donor-on-bears-staff-helped-a-friend-in-need/
  2. I was trying to find it also but ended up getting the espn+, disney+, hulu bundle.
  3. is audio working for those of you on espn plus?
  4. ESPN plus not working for me.
  5. sorry if this should be asked elsewhere, but what is the best route for watching the upcoming football games? I have Midco internet but not cable channels. I see MidcoSN carries some and MVFC tv shows some. does either show all the games? (except for the last one where apparently there is no tv coverage). any suggestions are appreciated.
  6. My New York Jets have the lead on all of the tankers. They tank even when they are not trying. Of course if Trevor Lawrence has any brains he will tell NYJ he will not sign with them and demand a trade. Maybe the Vikings could swing a deal if they want a QB. send over a bunch of draft picks.
  7. I replayed the non call on over and back. Pretty sure uvu guy touched it.
  8. which true freshmen have played tonight? I think I heard Maag.
  9. Walter has been advancing nicely as a player this year.
  10. agree with comment about Crandall. He has to take over the way it looks.
  11. Good game for UND. looking much better since the Montana games. Walter and Brown contributed nicely.
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