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  1. Andy gives up some of his life essence every year to keep his players from getting older. So far it has had no noticeable effect on his own aging........
  2. WMU's team was the same this past season. We knew they would take some time to gel, which isn't a very good time to play so many teams so quickly in the pod. The Bussi injury was just salt in the wound.
  3. I just checked. WMU finished 6-7-0 vs top 5 teams Other teams in the NCHC vs top 5 teams St. Cloud - 6-4-0 (7-5-0 including NCAA tournament) UMD - 2-6-1 (3-7-1 including NCAA tournament) UND - 3-1-1 (3-2-1 including NCAA tournament) Omaha - 3-6-1 Denver - 2-9-0 Miami - 1-12-0 CC - 2-7-0 I'm not saying that WMU should have been a top 5 team, but there is a enough talent on this team to beat top teams night after night. The consistency wasn't there due to goalie problems and a huge freshman class, but everyone should be older and theo
  4. They were awful to start the year, no doubt about that but they finished with 6 wins over top five teams. There aren't many other teams in the country that could say that this past season.
  5. Probably not the first time those words have been put together like that
  6. If you guys are interested in a Goalie, WMU's Austin Cain has entered the portal...........
  7. Some day these guys are going to run out of luck. I guess today is not that day.
  8. I almost ran over Rico Blasi in 2012 at Joe Louis Arena before WMU's CCHA championship game against Michigan. I was hurrying and it was dark as the roadway went underneath the arena. He didn't look both ways (was probably half asleep from having to play BG for 3rd place) and I had to slam on my brakes to avoid making a blasi mark on the pavement. Anyway, we beat Michigan to take the title later that evening (which is pretty much the best feeling in the world) and I almost forgot about that "incident".
  9. lol @ Andy's boys. Now I'm picturing this on the bottom of all the player's skates.
  10. That's a really good point actually. They had to split the "groups" somehow, but it was rather uneven this year. It would have been helpful for you guys if you would have had the opportunity to play the top teams in our league more than just a handful of times. That said, I'm thankful that WMU wasn't stuck in a group with SCSU, Duluth, AND North Dakota.
  11. 6 of WMUs 10 wins came against frozen four teams. But there were some pretty bad losses early in the season that knocked them out of the discussion.
  12. Wait a minute now, WMU has never finished at the bottom (though we did have a couple of tough years early on finishing 7th). The rest of the time we've usually been in the top 4, with a couple of 3rd place finishes in there. I don't think Tech or Bemidji would have done any better than that. We just haven't had any success in the post season (ncaas or frozen faceoff) and so it's easy to forget about those teams.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing SCSU take the title as they were a late comer to the NCHC (along with us). I'm really fine with anyone winning as long as it's not Mankato. There is a very vocal minority of WMU fans who think we should have gone to the WCHA, and a WCHA national title will finally give them some positives about that conference to bring up.
  14. This exactly. We'd trade anything to have had 1/10th of your success. WMU is rarely in the NCAAs, and we've never won a game when we've been in. It's literally been nothing but an occasional conference championship and some pretty close "almost" moments. Enjoy what you have.
  15. It was the most "western" way to lose a game ever. Oh well, maybe next year.... ugh....
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