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  1. First time I’ve heard Orion during starting line-ups.
  2. Uhh, maybe? That’s a tough one for sure. I might be with you.
  3. And that is exactly why they will make a solid campaign for a three-peat. They are so tough to play against.
  4. Wis would have been better off in the 2 band.
  5. Play, and like several have stated on here, there should have been backups for the regionals.
  6. Nope, not crazy! They should be a number 1 all day.
  7. This makes things even more interesting. Sunday should be fun.
  8. Ya I know, only 2 purchase options too. Wish a guy could buy a daily or even weekly pass with these steaming services. I'd much rather watch BSU/LSU vs. NMU on Sat. over UMASS n Lowell. Would like to see tonight's game too but it's not worth 30 bucks.
  9. There is no other way to watch than with FLO, correct? Hoping there was something like CBS streaming.
  10. So a potential rematch in a couple weeks? They’ll come to play there too. Should be a 7 or 8 in Fargo but I wouldn’t count on it this year. I think SCSU will be a 5 or 6.
  11. They look much too warm to wear in The Icon.
  12. So GF, WF, or Bis., I think I might know which one you where at as I may have been there too.
  13. Can anyone enlighten me on how Abby Promersberger from N/S is eligible to play her Sr. year after playing in Minnesota on a AAA team last year? She's a fantastic player no doubt. I thought if a player leaves to play elsewhere and then eventually returns the player is deemed ineligible for varsity competition for a year. This very thing happened to Dessa Flom from Minot last year which was her senior year, and was the kind of player that could've propelled that team to a state championship game. They lost a close one to the eventual state champion.
  14. I agree. Worst part is they’ve been getting blasted on social media by several people who very likely haven’t donned a ref. sweater at any level of hockey or anybody sport, and it’s probably a good chance they can’t stop both ways, let alone skate. This ties into one of the more recent threads on this site “What’s wrong with youth hockey?” HS hockey is still youth hockey with life lessons etc... (this applies to any level of any sport really) Life doesn’t care if things don’t go your way, disappointment happens all the time. Hopefully that’s the take-away and how to deal with it. I’m positive most on this forum would agree with me.
  15. I feel bad for the official(s). I attended the game and thought they called a nice game. They called what was necessary without interfering with game flow and physicality. It was an entertaining game that has been unfortunately tarnished by this incident.
  16. Actually that wasn’t a washout, look close. He put his hands in the air after the whistle as officials do sometimes. His body language clearly shows he wasn’t certain where the puck was. Additionally, # 16 celebrating certainly added another element of complexity. Anyone that has officiated HS or higher can appreciate how fast this all happened on the ice.
  17. USA Hockey does a pretty good job governing youth hockey except for the accountability portion concerning grades, conduct outside of the rink etc... Sure organizations can impose rules concerning this matter but it's not as simple as one might think due to USA Hockey's bylaw #10. In short to suspend a player for example grades or conduct, they must be offered a hearing first with parent/guardian, player, and designated club staff. I see clubs that have grade policies in place but am not certain if they are following this rule. I'm also not certain how often schools of NDHSAA sanctioned teams/participants check grades, weekly? I think this would be quite difficult to do under USA Hockey on a weekly basis. If a player's conduct and/or actions are deemed an immediate threat or of an extremely egregious nature they can be summarily suspended. USA Hockey advises to only use this route in extreme circumstances. I do agree, there is more accountability in athletics sanctioned by schools, however let's take a look at a typical youth basketball season in ND. It's relatively short compared to a youth hockey season. Upon conclusion of the basketball season teams pop up all over the state. Some even have tryouts. I'm sure they have coaches with zero coaching education, no sanctioning body, no safe-sport that I'm aware of, and so on. It's basically a free-for-all !@#$ show, kind of like summer AAA hockey, except at least that's confined to a shorter amount of time due to a typical USA Hockey sanctioned youth hockey season. So I have to ask myself this question, if youth hockey was sanctioned through schools would the seasons be shorter allowing even more time for unsanctioned hockey? I think that is exactly what would happen.
  18. And never mind again B10+ appears to be an internet viewing option. So much for watching 2 of my favorites today
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