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  1. First time I’ve heard Orion during starting line-ups.
  2. Uhh, maybe? That’s a tough one for sure. I might be with you.
  3. And that is exactly why they will make a solid campaign for a three-peat. They are so tough to play against.
  4. Wis would have been better off in the 2 band.
  5. Play, and like several have stated on here, there should have been backups for the regionals.
  6. Nope, not crazy! They should be a number 1 all day.
  7. This makes things even more interesting. Sunday should be fun.
  8. Ya I know, only 2 purchase options too. Wish a guy could buy a daily or even weekly pass with these steaming services. I'd much rather watch BSU/LSU vs. NMU on Sat. over UMASS n Lowell. Would like to see tonight's game too but it's not worth 30 bucks.
  9. There is no other way to watch than with FLO, correct? Hoping there was something like CBS streaming.
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