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  1. And never mind again B10+ appears to be an internet viewing option. So much for watching 2 of my favorites today
  2. It'll be like a home game then. You were waiting for someone to say that weren't you?
  3. I agree. Also, Cornell “should” be in Albany with this week’s pairwise. This draw looks pretty solid. I think the guys at USCHO will come up with something similar if not the same.
  4. I think that is correct. I'm still not certain why there is discrepancy between USCHO and CHN. I did notice the DU/BC swap in pairwise even though BC's RPI is higher than DU's (according to the app). When I looked this morning on the app BC was 5 and DU was 6. That certainly makes a difference where UMD would be placed prior to the shuffling team exercise.
  5. The adjusted RPI is different on the USCHO app than the webpage. ??
  6. And WMU's RPI is higher than Maine. I missed that.
  7. Would it look like this if it were today? West 4 UMD – 13 ASU 6 DU – 10 OSU M-West 2 MSU-M – 15 Maine 7 Penn – 11 UML East 3 Corn – 14 Mich 5 BC – 12 BS N-East 1 UND – 16 AH Winner 8 Mass – 9 Clark
  8. Who needs to be swapped within the 4th. band? I see a swap in the 3rd.
  9. It’s been quite some time then. I wasn’t aware of that, thanks. ND should do this as well.
  10. As it should be. Hockey Canada - 1 rule book. USA we use 3 to 4 depending upon the league. This particular rule is different in USA Hockey, NFHS, and NCAA. I wasn’t aware Minnesota was allowed to see how this looks. Is this pilot project exclusive to Minnesota or all Federation participants?
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