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  1. because his forward momentum had been stopped
  2. what kind of call was that on 3rd down? WTF
  3. why would you burn all that time before calling a TO?
  4. Bison 38 Hawks 10 talent wise we are a LONG way off.....
  5. Someone brought up earlier the cost difference between the Summit/MVFC and the Big Sky. Is that a viable option? How much money would we save in travel? Just curious. Not trying to start anything. Serious question..
  6. But we get way more kids from Minnesota/Wisconsin/SD/NEB then out west. Not even comparable. Really doesn't matter where alumni live because they usually don't attend away games. That said I would guess a high percentage of alum live in Minneapolis area compared to out west. I guess we will agree to disagree, I think other than the Montana schools the Big Sky doesn't offer us much. Nobody cares about Port ST, Idaho ST, Sac St N Arizona ect....
  7. why would NDSU go to the students for this? All they would have to do is increase their ticket prices with the demand they have. It's wrong to go after the students IMO at any school. They are getting killed with the cost of College as it is.
  8. Nailed it...Imagine a parent in Wisc, or the twin Cities. Now figure their costs to away games VS driving to UNI, ILL St. ECT...No comparison Or kids in Illinois... This area of the country the MV/Summit is just a better fit by far...Not sure how anyone can argue different..
  9. fgoSioux


    Would take Dale back in a second to coach our team..
  10. This is the type of idiotic statements by Sioux Fans that are not necessary. I would take a football championship ANY DAY over a hockey championship..sorry..
  11. fgoSioux

    2015 Recruiting

    100% correct!!! This happens with EVERY team. No way you can ever satisfy 90-100 kids when only 22 start....
  12. fgoSioux

    2015 Recruiting

    You think this dumb a@@ knows what he is talking about? He has been talking out of his a@@ for months on this board. Let me try to clear some things up from what I have heard from my son who happens to go to Davies and also played football on the Varsity this year. First he told me the twins were going to Concordia to play football. Then a few weeks later it was Northern. Then at the end of the season he said they told people they both had full rides to SDSU. Then when the one twin got kicked off the hockey team they said SDSU pulled their scholarships. Now is any of this true? I doubt it. I questioned the SDSU thing as I had never seen/heard of them recruiting these kids. I have seen these kids play in person about 20 plus times. Are they good football players? No doubt!! Are they Div 1 football players? Not sure about that..plus they have some issues. Not going in to those issues but if you have kids at Davies you know what they are. I do think the QB has a chance(small) to make it. The WR would have to get a lot faster to make it. Add on the fact that neither of them have given much effort in the weight room. Hopefully that will change in College.
  13. Sorry, don't agree with that. Injuries happen...Call it bad luck, but they are beyond the control of the coach's in my opinon...
  14. Stop defending this!!!!!!!!!!!!! apparently you and Bubba are the only two in the USA that would do something so stupid...
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