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  1. 2 Tickets available for Sat. Nov 1st vs Air Force located in Sec 316 Row H Seats 1 & 2 Text or call 701-330-2054 - tickets are in Fargo - $50 for the pair
  2. Need to play north - south hockey and put pucks on net boys
  3. Good luck Rocco, thanks for coming to play for the Fighting Sioux, it was fun to watch...Thanks!
  4. I'll go with the hot hand for tonight, Luke Johnson
  5. Has anyone heard about Rodwell, in why he wasn't in the lineup last weekend?
  6. Excited for tonights game, it should be a good one...Who's starting in goal? Has to be Gothberg in my opinion.
  7. It's not on midco TV: NBC Sports Network (Friday), ROOT Sports (Saturday)
  8. Don't like Mitch MacMillan on that top line, I agree that he doesn't have 1st line skill. The only one that played well on the 1st line in my opinion is Mark MacMillan. I wouldn't mind Grimaldi either, Kristo or him have to play off-wing.
  9. Wow...really shaking things up. Hak must like Mark MacMillan at center, I thought he played really well with Knight and Kristo, hopefully his brother Mitch can finish. Not sure putting Gleason at forward, especially when the team has 4 sitting in the stands, how about giving Chyzyk some gametime. I would agree with Oxbow about St Clair and Gaarder, I thought they played pretty decent. Glad Panzarella is in and Gothberg is getting a start. It should be a good game, Sioux have to come out hungry tonight.
  10. Mark MacMillan - Knight - Kristo O'Donnell - Rowney - Grimaldi Mitch MacMillan - St Clair - Parks Chyzyk - Pattyn - Gaarder It's hasn't been very good hockey for the Sioux the last 7 periods. Need to shake somethings up in the lineup. Mark MacMillan looked the best on the top line with Knight and Kristo. The team needs O'Donnell to step up and make some offense contribution, playing with Rowney and Grimaldi would help him get to where he needs to be. Kind of surprised we haven't seen Chyzyk in the lineup, could add some offense to the 4th line, with Gaarder also on that line. The 3rd line just to see if there's any chemistry. Surprised we didn't see Gothberg get a game last week against Holy Cross, maybe we'll see him tonight. Saunders was left out to dry to much last night, add Panzarella to the lineup tonight to get some physical, stay at home defender in the lineup. 4-1 win tonight for the Sioux
  11. Feed very choppy, how about everyone else?
  12. Friday night - Schmaltz Saturday night - Chyzyk Thanks!
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