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  1. I’m more talking about how the fans here react to him than the players. The fans here HATE him. I just had a guy sitting behind me trash him all game and say he has no business playing college hockey if he can’t take a hit.
  2. I do not think most of their fans even know he visited Western last spring. Being here at both games , they don’t seem informed about that stuff.
  3. I’m in Kalamazoo. Drove to the rink just so I know where it is. Does anyone who has been here before know where the hell someone parks?
  4. He can play JV games until January 28th also. He’s just ineligible for “varsity” competition until then.
  5. He’s from Heron Lake, MN! (Southern MN) This is gonna probably be as close as we are gonna get to a college hockey player from my hometown.
  6. Anyone else heading to Kalamazoo? I will be a first timer to the state of Michigan
  7. The one ref is one of them that called off our OT goal in regionals against BU in 2017.
  8. Got our lines from the Star Tribune guy on Twitter
  9. This is an awful take. I’m not sure too many here agree with you.
  10. We are currently putting out a 4th line with 2 draft picks instead of whatever the hell we put out last season. Improving our depth at forward has been crucial IMO. Often times each team’s top 6 can become a wash with line matchups so if we can start getting a mismatch on the bottom lines, later in the year could be a key.
  11. Jackson Keane. They just changed the extra skater
  12. I agree. I think the personnel we had in the game last night is the way to go. There’s honestly IMO, not that many changes you could make. I think they like Michaud and Pinto together, and I’d say the same about Guch and Adams. You could flip the other wingers on those lines if you really wanted to I guess. Senden line they won’t touch. 4th line is really the only thing they could change, which I’m opposed to.
  13. Yup, it’s been working like clockwork the last few weekends. Hopefully it stays that way.
  14. He had a goal on the power play. I don’t have any issues with Jasper. I just haven’t liked the line combo from Saturday 5 x 5. I’d just like to see them create more offensive opportunities as a unit at even strength.
  15. Seen both play. Definitely pass the eye test. I also don’t see the BCHL as a high scoring league, but it’s definitely an older league. Only 2 02’s in the top 20 of scoring. Hopefully both Bowen and Rizzo (and Budy) will make Canada West for the World Junior A Challenge.
  16. I think last year they only televised one of the games so we got Ciskie. I personally will mute after putting up with enough of the broadcasting, and follow the live chat so I know when to unmute when we score and the announcers get mad
  17. Technically, Jasper has played 2nd line twice. Saturday and during the Tech game. They had him center the line during the Tech game, and at wing on Saturday. I only remember because I thought it was weird they moved Pinto to wing the first time, and thought it was weird they put Jasper at wing on Saturday.
  18. Well it’s not like we have a choice when we watch UND@ UMD games...
  19. I must need to watch closer because I haven’t liked this combo either time they used it. *shrugs*
  20. It was. We had streaming rights as the “home team.” We will also be the home team in Nashville as the host so it’ll be on NCHC.TV again
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