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  1. Could I trade in my green blackhawk jersey that I bought from you on ebay for a white one then?
  2. This is what is wrong with our country today. Too many people are over-sensitive and offended by everything these days. Aren't there more important things to discuss? I have a friend who is gay and he doesn't care if people refer to things or other people as being gay. This is very similar to the Sioux nickname as the people who think this is wrong are not the people they are referring to. Let's end this and continue to talk about the upcoming games. It isn't worth it.
  3. We only have one white jersey, which my wife is planning on wearing. I don't get to go to too many games so I want to wear either my green or black. Sorry if I mess things up, but the only way to make a white out successful is by handing out shirts at the door. It would be fine with me to have a jersey only night to get people to take off their coats and not wear sweatshirts, but then people would think it was a ploy to get people to buy jerseys.
  4. I enjoy wearing all of my jerseys and feel that with many students possibly gone, it would be tough to pull it off. As gopherz said, it does make the other fans stand out even more and there will probably be many in attendance. I think we should pick to wear the black jerseys for both games and have a black out if anything to do something different.
  5. You all are not true Sioux fans if you are selling your season tickets just to make a buck or two and not go to the game. I logged on right when they went on sale that day and didn't have anything available in the lower level. Please from a diehard Sioux fan don't sell them to gopher fans because then you are just like them and their corporate crowd trying to make money. Go to the game, make noise and support your team. Don't try to make money off of fellow fans and don't allow the opposing team to have access to our arena. The only people who should be selling tickets on this site
  6. That game was the loudest sporting event I have ever been to. More so than even Twins world series games at the dome.
  7. My wife and I are coming up for the first time in a few years. I heard suite 49 is closed now, but where do most of the siouxsports people hang out now? It was fun seeing people in St. Cloud at that get together.
  8. Somebody needs to smuggle in a dead gopher or two just like the old days after each goal throughout the series. If you can, bring a live one in a little wire cage as a friend of mine did back in the late 90"s. That was awesome when it was running around on the ice!!! I wish I still had the picture from the dakota student.
  9. That is what I think they should do. Doesn't the home team get to decide what they wear first? CC is wearing some yellow jerseys at home right now. When we tied the gophers this year, I think it was in the blacks and the awful loss we need redemption for was in the greens? I wonder if that second game will be reviewed at all this week for extra motivation?
  10. I sure hope the ticket office was open after the game so Sioux fans can gobble up tickets before the gopher faithful (if any left) can get at them. We don't want anymore brawls after games.
  11. Sioux fans gobble up tickets now before the gopher fans do. If they want to still follow their team....
  12. Was the guy in the sling Marto? Let's get it on with the gophers!
  13. I guess a tie would do the same thing and help us in the playoffs instead of a St.Cloud win.
  14. Don't know if we could end up taking a #1 seed in the top four power, but Bemidji tied tonight, which I think would make us closer. First things first, let's come back and beat these Huskies.
  15. Go St. Cloud! I want to watch us play the gophers as I am making the trip to Forks and want to see the Sioux play 3 games at the X since I don't get to watch them live as much as I used to. We can win the thing playing 3 nights in a row just like Duluth did last year. As far as the pairwise goes, it seems like we wouldn't move ahead of them even if we lose and maybe could later if we play them in the playoffs.
  16. Miania injured for Denver. Took a puck to the inside of his leg on a blocked shot. Is the gopher/Wisco game on tv someplace? What are updates? Miani is back up again.
  17. Our defense looks a mess. I guess that is what happens when you experiment. Fineaghe must have been doing something right because we were playing better with those other lineups. Anybody have any ofther scores?
  18. What time would the Sunday game be if needed? I thought they started around 5:00 and am hoping it isn't 7:00 because that would make for a long 5 hour drive hometo the Twin Cities having to work on Monday the next day. Thanks in advance for the info. because I couldn't find it listed any place yet.
  19. It's really interesting to watch all of the possible NCAA matchups as we go along. INCH always has us in the West at the X, while the guy from USCHO always puts us elsewhere. The only problem with us Sioux fans traveling well, is that they know this and will put other WCHA teams closer to home for attendance. It would be nice if we could pack the X two weekends in a row though! http://www.uscho.com/news/id,18271/Bracket...March32010.html http://insidecollegehockey.com/inch/2010/0...-second-notice/
  20. If we sweep, Denver sweeps and Wisconsin sweeps, we should be matched up with UM. I think that seems very likely. Saying that these are good rivalries and splits are possible with those two teams, we would still be matched up with the gophers. I think Duluth will split with AA because of travel and St. Cloud should sweep Mankato. This is what I had for the what if.
  21. I am surprised they still have tickets available. I thought they usually sell out right away. I guess if we knew for sure it was a gopher matchup, they would be gone by now.
  22. Were you answering my question Whistler? It will be fun to be in the atmosphere, but I want to be able to see the entire ice and these were the best seats available when I got through. I am not too familiar with the new arena and have only been there a few times and it seemed like these seats would work. Thanks
  23. I picked up section 307 row C seats 1 and 2. Is that high enough up to be able see over the edge and all of the ice past standing students? Thanks in advance!
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