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  1. He has been seen skating a few times in the afternoon at a local rink on the Minnesota side of the river, so he is still in town.
  2. Bowen is 100% coming next year.. Where they place him as far as position is yet to be determined!
  3. been known for many months that LJ was planning to leave.. Not a slip of the tongue
  4. Hey I agree: tough for a thompson to think he is ready when he was probably #4 or 5 on depth chart on his own team this year. But $ talks and some kids just aren't into school that much.
  5. looks about right.. But my sources tell me nothing about Poganski leaving. But their is always a chance
  6. I don't know where Cam Johnson signs that wasn't divulged in the info i was given.. He may very well stay just saying he is having offers to leave Now
  7. Not speculation: Facts. Lets just say i know a friend of a friend who's brother is the second cousin to the equipment manager's cousin twice removed... It is a very reliable source. Book it
  8. Ladue gone... Luke Johnson gone surgery will be done by Blackhawks Doctors.. Schamalz, Poolman and Cam Johnson are all 50/50. Thompson is leaning towards leaving and my guess is he will go. Poolman only thing that keeps him here is his brother. Schmaltz wants to stay but is getting pressure from Hawks to sign.. Cam Johnson stock is very high right now so it wouldn't surprise me to see him leave.
  9. My source says Ladue has talked to several Ex players including Forbert who advised him to stay at UND . He is leaning towards staying but the Kings are putting alot of pressure on him to leave early. Will be interesting on seeing how it plays out the next several weeks.
  10. Dixon Bowen and Colton Poolman both met with the Penticton Vees recently and are considering going that route.. but it may be a difficult decision as I heard rumor that Cary Eades will be introduced as Fargo Force coach
  11. i'm not disagreeing with anyone on the point that he shouldn't leave but i heard they are in talks with him.
  12. Heard the Blackhawks are pushing hard for Luke Johnson to leave early.
  13. My source tells me Mark Mac done for year likely applying for a medical red shirt
  14. Poolman will not be fighting for playing time.. Kid will contribute right away.. Willcend up top 2 or 3 dman on team
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