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  1. Agreed. That loss to Michigan is a most painful reminder that the best team often does not win. And Hak has gotten us to the Frozen Four so many times. Many other teams are out in the first round. And speaking of Michigan, Michigan went 32 years between national titles. Winning title #8 wasn't easy for the Wolverines, any more than it is for the Sioux. Michigan won six of the first nine NCAA Division I hockey titles, then didn't win #7 until 1964. Number 8 didn't come until 1996. There's a new face to Division I men's hockey, Union winning it all in 2014 and Providence in 2015. We may not like it, but parity is the name of the game in college hockey.
  2. I'm starting to wonder if the pursuit of #8 has something to do with being behind the eight-ball, so to speak. Here we are complaining about going national titleless for 15 years. Maybe it's chasing #8 that's the problem. Michigan, which won six of the first nine titles, then captured #7 in 1964. The Wolverines then had to wait another 32 years--count them--until winning #8 in 1996. Just a thought. Nevertheless, college hockey parity is indeed here to stay, and this is one of the prices that the established college hockey powers, UND included, have to pay.
  3. I like them both as well. Nothing that happens in the Frozen Four will change that. Talk of firing Hak is patently absurd. Parity in college hockey is here to stay. A UND-UNO championship game with all its side drama regarding the head coaches would be a dream come true for many of us regardless of the outcome, unless, unfortuntely, the game would turn into a blowout one way or the other. Which I don't think would happen. The NCHC in its short tenure has really turned into a tiger, hasn't it? Let's enjoy this while we can.
  4. Playing catchup can be most difficult. Gophers, Duluth and Bucky Badger in all fairness had tremendous head starts and it is showing. I lthink Idalski has done a tremendous job all in all. I think perhaps we are so used to the UND men's hockey team being as successful as it is year after year that we are starting to expect national championships for the women as well. Truly catching up to the Gophers and Badgers in women's hockey, I believe, is still an uphill climb. All things considered, I think we're at right now where we should be realistically speaking. The gals have done a most impressive job. Kudos.
  5. For what it's worth, I seem to recall a current school year survey considering which college towns in America were the best (broken down, I believe into either three or four population categories--totaling in all about 75 colleges/universities, both Grand Forks and Fargo made the lists in their respective population groupings. So, it seems the ambiance or whatever regarding the two communities seems about even, all things considered. Students enroll in colleges for a variety of reasons--among them distance from home (not too close, not too far), academics (does the university have my preferred major?), number of friends attending the same school, etc.,etc. In many instances, athletes are no different. For some it is a matter of projected playing time. For others, the environment, the coaching staff, projected social life and post-graduate possibilities are a determining factor. With that being said I seem to recall that only a UND men's basketball loss to potent Weber State a year ago kept the state of North Dakota from having both its major state universities go to the Big Dance in the spring of 2014. Personally, I'd like to congratulate archrival NDSU for its success on the athletic fields and courts. The state of North Dakota as well as the region benefit when there are two strong research universities instead of just one. Instead of tearing each other down, let's try a little cooperation. The state needs both. In my mind the pioneer leaders of North Dakota made a wise choice in opting for two fine universities instead of putting all the eggs in one basket, i.e., that is having a separate land grant college from the original university. That last statement, I realize, is quite open to debate.
  6. Impressive win over PAC-12 Washington. Believe it has been reported the win was the first for UND over a PAC-12 foe. More than likely true for baseball. However, if I recall correctly, the UND women's basketball team already has victories over PAC-12 Arizona and PAC-12 Utah, or perhaps I am reading something incorrectly. If so, my bad.
  7. Softball today in San Diego. This just in: Iowa State rallies from 2-0 deficit to edge the UND ladies 3-2.
  8. In the softball tournament sponsored by Eastern Michigan down in Florida today it was UND 14, tournament host Eastern Michigan 11.
  9. I have to agree this Sioux football team is indeed a work in progress. There are going to be ups and downs. However, let's cite a little history here from a neighboring university. In 1959 the Minnesota Gophers football team finished dead last in the Big Ten. The very next season, 1960, the Gophers turned it around and not only tied Iowa for the Big Ten title, but won the national championship. How about that for worst to first and beyond! And look at what Idaho State is accomplishing this year as opposed to the recent past. Take heart, Sioux fans. I feel certain with Bubba at the helm that better days are coming.
  10. UND women's volleyballers rally from being down 6-5 in the fifth set to score the last 10 points in defeating Portland State 3-2 tonight.
  11. Yes, he is calling us Champions.
  12. It appears one can hear a play-by-play audio broadcast of the UND-Pacific volleyball action this afternoon by going to the Pacific website.and accessing the audio site there.
  13. Is this the first win ever for UND over a Southeastern Conference school in any sport? Congrats ladies on a superb showing.
  14. Certainly looks like a pair of evenly matched teams to me.
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