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  1. I think this is a great thing for the Summit League conference. Basketball attendance will spike with 4 rival games in a meaningful conference game setting. The scheduling will be better with 4 possible travel partners. The conference tournament in Sioux Falls is going to be bat !@#$ crazy. It's already one of the best and with you guys join it's even better. 4 teams within driving distance plus Omaha. And 4 fan bases that really don't like each other. What's not to like? The only negative is non conference games will be tougher to get.
  2. In all fairness, the bad spot and replay official blew the play before. Should have been a 1st down anyways But either way impressed with the team
  3. from 1 Bison fan to another. Will you please stop acting like a !@#$%!. Your making us all look stupid.
  4. Im a Bison fan. I think it's a byproduct of NDSU getting a higher than usual number of high profile players. Dont take this as a slam but UND is struggling vs all the Dakota and MVFC teams right now so it appears Bubba is taking the developmental approach. It's not as sexy as getting the bigger name guys but it works. You just need to be patient. I also think that UND will see a benefit if NDSU keeps getting the higher profile guys. Not necessarily any better or worse for NDSU, just a reality. I personally hope we always stick to ND kids and I think we will. We have 2 or 3 which isn't that down
  5. I think UND is doing a solid job this year and I like the way Bubba is changing the program but to say NDSU is "declining" in recruiting is kind of silly. NDSU has 9 players who have FBS offers. Bruce Anderson, Demaris Purifoy, Ben Ellefson, Trenton Mooney, Bryan Carlton, Jack Darnell, Aaron Mercedal, Dominic Davis, and Jaxson Brown. Most importantly we are doing exceptionally well in the traditional midwest footprint - 15 out of 18 coming from that area. Minnesota is doing as good as ever before with 3 KARE 11 Metro players Robbie Grimsley (Gatorade POY), Marquise Bridges and Dimitri Williams and the aforementioned Carlton, Darnell, and Ellefson. I read something that NDSU has something like 6 or 7 of the top 30 players in Minnesota. And the rest of the players all have offers from the good midwest teams s like like SDSU, UNI, Montana, Montana State, and Illinois State plus teams like USD and UND.
  6. Makes sense to play every year for a non revenue sport. It's not like we would lose out on some epic non conference game. It's volleyball. Both teams hate losing so getting a 2nd chance is a big deal for the teams
  7. Wow people's comments for both teams are pathetic. Let's all be happy a good game will be played. Seriously can we all not bicker about dick sizes and egos. It's a downer. I'm an NDSU fan and I am happy for the game. No further comments needed
  8. Wow I step away from the Internet for a short time and come back and read this. Wow. Looking forward to playing a meaningful and good non conference game. Sure as hell beats some of these cupcake games both teams have played
  9. Sorry I forgot the D. it always breaks on this site
  10. Sorry I _I_n't realize those guys were re_shirting. As a Vikes fan, I'm sickene_ by the name Walker. We built the _allas _ynasty by ourselves. To a__ insult to injury, he resigne_ with _allas to en_ his career!!! _own with the _allas Cowboys _ynasty!!!
  11. By that description 3 of the 5 lineman are special and another really talented, the receivers are amazing, the running back is equal to Hershal Walker, the fullback is an athletic freak, and the qb are highly recruited. Sounds like the best offense ever
  12. gabe01

    Fire Muss

    He's doing a hell of a job and based in the incredible defensive turn around over the last 2 weeks, he must sign an extension before other schools try to steal him away.
  13. No matter how you shake it, a different style of game is played in the Big Sky vs the Missouri Valley. Big Sky throws a lot. MVFC pounds the ball. The MVFC teams are used to physical play. I'm not saying it's right or wrong or better or worse - but it's just different. But late season games are typically won on the ground. 2012 CONFERNCE STATS SCORING DEFENSE Big Sky - 246 (31 ppg) MVC - 171 (21 ppg) 2013 CONFERENCE STATS (Ok it's only 1 game) SCORING DEFENSE Big - 27.5 MVC - 19.5
  14. Ask Sam Houston about Big Sky defenses. The entire conference is built on winning during the regular season. When the playoffs come around, teams from other conferences run the ball with relative ease. I think Montana and Poly are built for the playoffs. Montana State gets the ball run down their throat and good defenses shut them down, especially when weather is a factor since they play outdoors
  15. As a Bison fan I can honestly say I'm surprised how far the team has fallen. As an observer, it all starts with defense and that seems to be the theme throughout the Big Sky. You need to figure out how to stop Big Sky offenses because its really really ugly. I wouldn't blame Mussman entirely for the bad defense. How about the defensive coaches? You have some talent. They are not developing players
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