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  1. Where did Grant Johnson end up? I see he is not on the Northern Michigan roster this year.
  2. USHL released their initial 30 man rosters: https://www.ushl.com/news_article/show/1181346 Lot of our recruits playing in this league this year. Tri-City, Chicago, Muskegon all have multiple of ours. Didn't see Jaksen Panzer on Sioux Falls? Braden is on the Force initial list.
  3. Look for Drew Montgomery to commit here soon. Has offers from both UND and Northern Michigan,.
  4. Anyone know or hear of any 04/05's uncommitted from Canada right now?
  5. Sucks losing out on these big names.
  6. What is 506 Pub? Who is behind this?
  7. What is going on with the old Suite 49? I know they booted Albatross out - they are going to Columbia Mall now.
  8. I believe his parents went to UND. But I have a feeling the Gophs might win this one.
  9. Who is going to own the team? Does the league own them all?
  10. Is Mitch Vig's son a potential recruit?
  11. Will Panzer and Ausmus be playing full time in USHL next year? Or back to MN HS?
  12. Have any ND kids made junior teams for next season?
  13. Any idea why Jaksen Panzer wasn't at Select 17 festival? He made Team MN.
  14. Matt McHugh it looks like. Just read the proposal.
  15. Anyone know if we've officially offered Jayson Shaugabay yet?
  16. Morrow ends his prep career this week and steps right into Force lineup in playoffs. Not a good look for us.
  17. Wish they would have mentioned how Sioux became aware of this kid...
  18. Now that Chris Vandevelde retired, does anyone know what he is doing these days?
  19. Isn't is crazy that GRANT SLUKYNSKY from Warroad still hasn't scored a goal this year? A lot of people here were wondering why UND didn't offer him. (He's committed to Northern Michigan). 48 GP - 0-5-5
  20. Any news on Adam Fantilli? He's tearing up USHL as an 04 birthday. We had him on campus last year, but it's been quiet since. Also of note, Jackson Blake is back with Chicago Steel.
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