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  1. Anyone know if we've officially offered Jayson Shaugabay yet?
  2. Morrow ends his prep career this week and steps right into Force lineup in playoffs. Not a good look for us.
  3. Wish they would have mentioned how Sioux became aware of this kid...
  4. Now that Chris Vandevelde retired, does anyone know what he is doing these days?
  5. Isn't is crazy that GRANT SLUKYNSKY from Warroad still hasn't scored a goal this year? A lot of people here were wondering why UND didn't offer him. (He's committed to Northern Michigan). 48 GP - 0-5-5
  6. Any news on Adam Fantilli? He's tearing up USHL as an 04 birthday. We had him on campus last year, but it's been quiet since. Also of note, Jackson Blake is back with Chicago Steel.
  7. Starting to think i'd be surprised if he makes it to campus ever.
  8. I've confirmed Driscoll is indeed coming. Will be announced soon.
  9. Pick up 1 or 2 guys at most. A senior forward that can score and a goalie to backup Thome, if Scheel leaves.
  10. ChadR


    This is all we need to see. First 6 years for Berry vs Sandy. I'll take Berry any day. Berry would have been fired at UND with the kind of seasons Sandy had in 04-05 & 05-06.
  11. Where are the GFC's studs playing next year? Panzer, Spicer, Kennelly, etc.?
  12. What is Mal's contract?
  13. Yes. Same with JBD. Expect them in the lineup.
  14. Great question. He is unreal. I hope he stays for one more year to round off his offensive game. His skating is elite. He's very good defensively. The one item he is missing is the offensive part. I believe he can put up 30 pts next season if he can improve on that. He gets plenty of chances now, so he is close to popping off.
  15. Did anyone hear Starman talking about Judd Caulfield & Pittsburgh last night. Made a comment about UND coaches calling Pittsburgh and telling them they better come watch him. Wasn't quite sure what he was getting at with that comment....
  16. Are transfers from teams like Union (cancelled season) eligible immediately? Or not until next season?
  17. Any update on the Wild Hog?
  18. He’s with Bismarck Bobcats. The line chart the other night did not have the UND logo next to his name. I’d guess we cut him loose.
  19. Check out the prices for memberships. Too high in my opinion, specifically the 'individual' rate. https://und.edu/ray-richards/course-fees-and-memberships.html
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