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  1. Sanford had owned that land for years prior to building a hospital on it if i'm not mistaken.
  2. I see Southern Illinois' head coach has already canned a bunch of assistants. Is that too much to ask for up here?
  3. For myself and my family, the tickets are generally just too expensive.
  4. UND has a history of letting all kinds of structures accumulate massive amounts of deferred maintenance costs on top of generally not updating things.
  5. Wow. Good for him. Any idea what percentage he will be at?
  6. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2018/10/22/football-15-ticket-promo-for-this-saturdays-ranked-teams-showdown.aspx?fbclid=IwAR01rMTXlrcsErqKjsbcHaKK8GnLbO9L7HmksZVpJyF4luzAZj4YHlFq-1k $15.00 tickets for this weekend's game.
  7. I just wish Notre Dame would have convinced NBCSN to do a deal with the whole conference.
  8. I think the deal falling through with Notre Dame was primarily TV related. And its hard to blame them, they had their games on NBCSN just like NHL games and it is a pretty widely available channel. Look at what the NCHC ended up with- CBS sports, which was in far fewer homes.
  9. Should have went D1 when SU did. For that matter, should have went when Montana did.
  10. How many sheets of ice are currently in Fargo/West Fargo?
  11. Sam Houston at #4. Need to win that one. They should come into the game with us 1-0 (first game is against prairie view a&m).
  12. Edit: I can't figure out how to embed a twitter link. But it appears that Zimmerman is at the top of the depth chart for QB per I figured we could have a separate thread for fall camp.
  13. It is interesting that they have the logos for the Summit and NCHC at the bottom of the page but not the Big Sky (football). I would assume they would have MVFC logo once the time comes.
  14. Spain v. Portugal was fantastic. What a game.
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