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  1. I did say UND hockey when I called, however, I didn't trust their answer. Thanks for the info. I've seen too many issues with the NCHC app to go with that and was hoping this would be a solution.
  2. I called Midco and asked if hockey is available on the Midco Sports Plus, and they said it was, but they didn’t sound confident. Can anyone who has the app confirm?
  3. Regular and Sioux bottles are going for $84 at my local store autographed special edition was $324 I believe
  4. Weeks ago I purchased tickets for Saturdays game from another person through the message board. Since I wasn’t the original buyer, am I screwed in my chances of getting a refund from Ticketmaster?
  5. JN18


    Does anyone ever come across any 2015-16 "North Dakota" jerseys listed anywhere? I never seem to come across any on eBay. I'd like to find one and get it customized by EPS. I used them before many years ago on a Sioux jersey and was happy with the result. Thanks
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