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  1. This statement is a little harsh. I'd say losing to Harvard in St. Paul was a choke, even though they were great team. Most of the years, if not all, they were beaten by superior teams. This may have been due to recruiting or coaching, but coaching is part of the team. As for choking in regular season games at the old Ralph, god knows it seamed like it happened at least once a year. The truly ironic part of things is that HAD UND recruited Potulny, I'd still be waiting to watch the Gophers win an NCAA title live.
  2. sagard


    Astonishing? I think it is very, very likely. In the 3rd place game.
  3. Another Gopher fan that finds DU disgusting. Good luck Sioux.
  4. sagard


    I think the Sioux were playing for the entrance to the NCAA's last night. Had they lost, they would have lost the DU comparison and been a lot more vulnerable in others. Now they have a lock on DU (win or lose today) and are in much better position.
  5. Anyone have a link for internet radio? As much as it pains a Gopher fan, please beat DU. Their style of hockey/wrestling sucks.
  6. Sorry, even the mighty Sioux would be too gassed to deal with the Gophs or MSU.
  7. Sioux and Gophers fans should not bother cheering for Bucky. If they swept MSU, they would become a TUC momentarily. However, after losing at the X they would fall below the threshold. Although a Gophs/Sioux semi would be fun.
  8. sagard


    I think it is easier for the fans at least. I know I wasn't too angry when the Sioux blasted the Gophs eight or nine to nothing to end the Gophs long unbeaten streak in '95 or so. Of course, that was before the five years of Sioux domination so I didn't have a lot of angst towards the Sioux yet.
  9. Just as a reference, a Wyatt Smith Gopher jersey with the name plate removed sold for almost $500 on Ebay. I think $300 is a fair market price, especially for those players who will play in the NHL. I'm sure they are beautiful.
  10. The Sioux will most likely need to win the WCHA tourney if they want to be a top seed in any of the regions. This is due to their RPI being somewhat lower than other teams with similar records. Reguardless, I think the Sioux have a great chance at getting to Buffalo. I just think that their best chance is to go through an Eastern regional. Similarly, I think the Gophs best chance is to avoid CC at the Mariucci regional. Playing opponents that play their home games on regular ice would also help the Gophs chances. Especially if it is against a CCHA or HE team that doesn't play on the bi
  11. I really don't think the Sioux will be in MPLS unless they get back to a top 4 PWR team, or the Gophs fall either out of the tourney or a #12 - #14 PWR team. They won't put two WCHA teams against each other in the first round. I really hope CC goes to Michigan and some eastern team comes to Mariucci as the top seed. As for the Sioux, I think they would have their best chance out east.
  12. Your recap is the main reason I read this board. You do a fine summary, and I appreciate it.
  13. I agree with your entire message and apply the same thoughts to the Gophs. Great calculator above. Avoid 4th and you can win the WCHA playoffs. Play in the 4vs5 game and you will not. I see UND and CC battling for 1st, UM and DU battling for third. SCSU and UMD battling for home ice.
  14. Goon, you are becoming what you hate most. An SCSU fan talking about RESPECT! Anyone that has followed college hockey before '01-'02 has respect for the Sioux. The biggest problem is you live within earshot of your biggest rival who has recently tripled it's fanbase. I'm predicting this years Sioux-Gophs war will be settled in a NCAA quarter at Mariucci. I think it will come down to goaltending.
  15. I think throwing the game is too strong. He did play Kollar instead of Karl G though, which tells me Blais did not absolutely feel the Sioux needed to win that game. Playing Kollar was a good call though, Kollar got big game experience and the Sioux despite losing ended up about as close as possible to repeating as champs.
  16. I think winning the WCHA is critical for the Sioux. '97, '00 vs '98, '99, '01. Last year it was critical also, it gave DU the top seed and a date with Michigan. The year before, it fed SCSU to Michigan and let UND go out east.
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