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  1. Most points earned in head-to-head competition (double points earned if teams only play once) If still tied, Most goals scored head-to-head competition (double goals scored if teams only play once) If still tied, Most regulation wins in region competition (double each regulation win if teams only play once) If still tied, Most points earned against the highest ranked team in the region (next team below if teams are tied for first place. Double points earned if teams only play once) If still tied, Most points earned against the next highest ranked team in the region (do
  2. iluvdebbies, Are you sure? Haven't looked it up, but most tiebreaker lists I've seen have least goals allowed before most goals scored.
  3. A hidden gem. 2915 South Washington. Steers Somali Restaurant. Great fresh food and friendly service. Myself or my college age daughter have been here about ten times in the last year and never been disappointed. Nice to try unique foods in town and reasonably priced.
  4. Not early since he was a senior, but Mason Morelli to Calgary, had 1 assist in his debut weekend series for AHL Stockton.
  5. waldo

    Hobey Baker

    Not a Sioux kid, but a good North Dakota kid Mason Morelli is in the mix for a finalist, currently #3 in votes. Vote here https://www.hobeybaker.com/vote
  6. Peluso is a tool and always has been. A couple years ago he was pissed off about some calls in Bismarck and emptied a garbage can in the ref room. It's gotten to the point where its hard to get anybody to ref BHS games in Bismarck.
  7. Thanks for everyone's votes, but Rapid City beat us. MAYSA will still get $25,000 for making the top 4.
  8. Would appreciate any votes from Sioux fans, only 8 hours left.
  9. I stand corrected, here are the final standings. 1 UND 2 St Thomas 3 St Cloud 4 Mankato 5 Eau Claire 6 Wisc 7 NDSU 8 Goofers
  10. Joeyjr, Actually the NDSU club team took last in their WCCHA league, UND's team won the regular season
  11. http://app.fanly.me/article/8lmi9vc1HZ Alex Schoenborn from Minot signs with the Sharks.
  12. Tsiouxnami, Hockey age of 14 is 9th graders, so I'm sure there are at least 5 girls on the 14U team that are 8th or 9th graders which would mean they have 30 girls to make 2 teams. That's plenty for 2 competitive teams, Minot took 5th 2 years ago with 10 skaters and a goalie
  13. The high school roster has 25 and they have a 14U team with 19 on it. By the way that team is playing in the state 19U league and are 12 and 0 with a goal differential of +89. Like others have said I'm sure there are some girls that quit because of the competition.
  14. UND earns an autobid to the ACHA D2 Central Region Tournament in Chicago for winning the WCCHA regular season with a weekend sweep at the Goophers!
  15. Started the season with another sweep over NDSU 7 to 3 and 11 to 2.
  16. NDSU wants another chance, they have lost 3 times to UND this year. UND has added a game Friday night against NDSU at 7:30 in East Frand Forks.
  17. Bemidji has cancelled the game on Sat.
  18. Their last game is this Saturday at noon on the REA Olympic rink, the games are free to watch.
  19. Improve to 17 and 2 with a 5-2 win over the Bison. They have been accepted into the WCCHA for the 15-16 season.
  20. Improve to 16 and 2 with a road sweep at St.Cloud.
  21. 14 and 2 now with a 7-3 win over Bottineau. Next games are Jan 16 & 17 at St. Cloud.
  22. Rumor around here is that the Davies kid was caught before the football championship but it was put under the rug until after football season.
  23. What happen to Davies? Minot out shot them 50 to 17.
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