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  1. 2 huge Sioux fans from Winnipeg looking for a couple tickets for the game tonight, will take tickets anywhere as long as we're there. Please let me know if you have anything available, thanks!
  2. anyone live streaming the huskies/irish game?
  3. http://www.seeon.tv/view/9646/ you're welcome!
  4. Need 4 tickets for the sioux vs. denver game october 30th the saturday game, or the october 29th game, coming down from Canada for the weekend, hopefully someone can help us out, thanks!
  5. as soon as you find one or if you do post it here, Im up in Canada, dont have FSN
  6. is there a webcast for this game on justin tv or anywhere?
  7. is there going to be a webcast of the game tonight on Justin TV or somewhere else?
  8. is there anywhere on the internet you can watch the games? like the WF vs. RR game?
  9. is there a way youll be able to watch or listen to the game tonight over the internet?
  10. is there radio for the Notre Dame/Michigan St. game?
  11. Does anyone know for canada?
  12. Is there a way I can get sioux scores on my phone, I remember there was something like this a pretty long time ago...
  13. Toews isn't starting for Bisons
  14. Hi I'm going to Grand Forks for the night tonight, Is there any deals on sioux stuff? at scheels or anywhere?
  15. siouxfan5

    Toews Watch

    My friend just saw Toews at the Civic centre in Winnipeg watching the Western Canadian Bantam Championship game, My friend said he was there helping out the scouts, but he forgot to ask him if he's made up his mind or not...
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