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  1. Siouxperkick


    I wish my toilet paper was as soft as Cornell's schedule. We'll see what they are made of soon enough!
  2. Does anyone have any Saturday night tickets? I'm trying to treat my mother to a game, as she has never been to the Ralph before!
  3. Is there any stream for tonight’s matchup? Can’t get the game where I’m at!
  4. Looking for 4 Tickets Sat 2/1 for UND vs CC, Lower Bowl only please. text 701-260-6534
  5. I am still unsure about the state of our team right now. Will we see a team from last Friday or last Saturday? We need to come out and play like our hair is on fire. I hope Thome starts and establishes himself as the great goalie he is said to be. UND 5-3 Pinto, Adams, Guchi, Michaud(x2)
  6. What a joke of a poll. The number of participants are so insignificant and majority aren't even sports fans. If you are going to do this poll get more participants & make sure they are ALL some sort of interested/knowledgeable sports fan with more vague choices, or else your poll is worthless.
  7. Truly disheartening. Just a man going to his daughter's basketball game, being a good father. Cherish everyday. RIP Mamba
  8. So UND gets called with penalties that Duluth has done numerous times tonight. Home cookin
  9. They lost a lot of talent from last year's team and not as deep this season. Hard to reload year after year in HS
  10. I believe that tonight the defense and Scheel's struggles continue and this one turns into a barn burner. 5-4 UND Gooch, Pinto, Pooly, JBD, Adams
  11. ISO four tickets (seated together) for UND game against Denver 2/15 Thanks!
  12. It's all going to be about the defense and Scheel. I'm not worried about getting shots on goal. I see this one going down 4-2 UND!
  13. Siouxperkick

    The Herald

    In 10 years, there won't be any newspapers anyways. Online newspapers with subscriptions is the future.
  14. What do you think- Is it time for NDSU to move their football program up to the next level now? 8 championships in 9 seasons at the FCS level... this question will certainly never go away. Even James Madison is looking at moving up (joining the AAC), and they have nothing on the NDSU program. I know this article is from July, but still completely relevant. https://247sports.com/college/north-dakota-state/Article/brake-fbs-question-133770261/
  15. Tonight, I predict a shutout! 4-0 Sioux Kawaguchi x 2, Mismash, Smith
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