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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking for 4 tickets for UND/Denver on Saturday the 6th. Its been years since we've gone to a game and can't wait. Please message me if anyone has any. Preferably lower bowl. Thanks!
  2. WANTED- Big fans moved from GF to MN, missing Sioux Hockey! Looking for 2 tickets for NCAA Regional in Fargo. Please send me a message or text 701-260-6534. Thank you and Go Sioux!!
  3. Noob question: What are UND's ramifications for Fargo's regional if they do poorly and lose out in the NCHC tourney? Are they an automatic #1 seed in Fargo no matter what? Thanks gentlemen!
  4. Needed that one!! Now gotta settle the game down and take it to them.
  5. Scheel looks out of it tonight, on top of sloppy defense.
  6. I have seen "Libtard" just as much or even more than I have seen "Trumptard". As someone who works with special needs students, I think both sides are disgusting.
  7. I would agree with that, but not the extreme that I've been seeing. The point is politicians need to be called out and people need to realize that these guys shouldn't be put on pedestals and worshipped.
  8. I will say this. There is a difference between being a Trump supporter and a Trump follower/defender. I feel there are too many people in this country that take every word of his to heart and defend him, even if it is wrong, extreme, or false. To say this election is rigged is sickening. Everyone knew that this election would be different due to each state's own way of counting these mail-in ballots, but nobody knew it would come down to the wire like this. Someone should have told Trump that the numbers weren't locked in before he started going off on how he already won and if he doesn't win, it is rigged. Who knows what it will look like when military votes start coming in too.
  9. Very similar stats were seen in Australia’s recent winter: COVID-19 up, flu down. Expect the same here in the US
  10. That is sad to hear, I am sorry. Next time, us Americans gotta choose two people that aren't older than the hills and losing their minds. Deal?
  11. Yes, this forum should be for discussing things like men and having healthy back and forth. There is some disgusting s*** on this entire forum.
  12. I am about as middle as it gets. I see major issues with both sides and refuse to label myself as a follower of any political party. Vote strictly on who I trust more/what we need in the country/best candidate.
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