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  1. SteppenHawk


    Bubba was in playoff mode yesterday. His cheeks were extra rosy
  2. SteppenHawk


    The crowd looks like they're at a gardening expo
  3. SteppenHawk


    Does Kett have his hair French braided?
  4. Contemporary 34 is used mostly to get one on one matchups for star edge rushers. Pure 34 alignments are pretty rare with spread offenses though, it's become various hybrid fronts now. Bubba's style is definitely a rarity these days, 34 zone blitzing with the secondary playing deep quarters. It's a lot of the same stuff from back in the good old days. I honestly can't tell if the scheme is good or not so good. Sometimes it makes teams look terrible, sometimes we get gashed.
  5. There is the possibility that bubba retires and takes a fundraising job or goes out to pasture at umary. Chaves would let him wait until the end of the season to save face and have a shred of dignity. If that happens, who knows where the hiring process goes. Both coordinators would probably like to apply but the way the season is going that would be a bit awkward.
  6. Navy seals currently not taking new applicants. Navy planktons are open though
  7. SteppenHawk

    SH Game Day

    I wonder if #3 is gonna run the ball?
  8. The answer you seek is called leadership.
  9. Making a big one for later on...
  10. He better be studying the text book instead of the playbook
  11. Unless they are 5'2", three bills is almost a requirement for nose. Special players can do it lighter I suppose
  12. SteppenHawk

    2019 Season

    Possible juco(s).
  13. SteppenHawk

    2019 Season

    Needs more exclamation points before I can take this seriously.
  14. SteppenHawk

    2019 Season

    Still need some transfers to come through, d line in particular.
  15. SteppenHawk

    2019 Season

    Transfer market is still open, Juco is always on the table as well for critically needed depth.
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