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  1. For me, the extension signals that mediocrity in football is good enough. I hate to say it, but this wasn't deserved in my opinion. Part of the motive here was to help recruiting because anything less than a 3 year contract these days is leveraged against a program.
  2. Program leadership might be the dark horse.
  3. A candidate would have to run a fairly unique version of the 34 which is bubba's precious and take a moderate salary for their trouble. Oh and there is a good chance that they could be let go after next season. The reality is that quality coaches were not going to be interested. Hire in house and get it over with I suppose.
  4. The coaching "family" has been small for about 4 decades now. Bubba was part of that family and a big reason why he got the job.
  5. The divide between top teams and the bottom teams in the FCS is very wide, yet the program finds a way to be both good and bad at the same time. Play well with Weber but also get wacked by isu. Have good players at one position but are basically empty at others. It's hard to say where we're at.
  6. I get the feeling that Engelstads are not crazy about Sanford.
  7. Kett don't have time for post game pressers anymore, he's gotta go be a navy seal.
  8. My favorite part of this season was Kett's positive can-do attitude.
  9. Our very own Navy seal can't keep his mouth shut.
  10. Nicholls is close to breaking long touchdown runs. Defense is getting gobbled up at the point of attack
  11. I highly doubt Wanzek can go, no insider info but just an educated guess. I'm sure they are leaving his status ambiguous to give Nicholls something to think about.
  12. Chaves publicly hyped his bid and then had it beat in the first round. Honestly it's a pathetic look but oh well, still a game to play. Point is, less talk more action.
  13. What was the huge bid by Chaves? Have they released the numbers? I'm starting to wonder if it was lip service...
  14. Would be very tough to win in Brookings.
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