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  1. Trump’s political genius is he plays the victim card to perfection. Every president gets eviscerated by the media, yet Trump has the savvy to take the “What a nasty question! Poor me, no President has been treated worse than I!” approach. Trumps strength has always been self-promotion and PR. 1. It allows him to not answer tough questions 2. It eggs-on unfriendly outlets whereby they fall into a trap and then inadvertently validate his objections.
  2. So true. The internet has broken us. It gives people an easy avenue to seek out news that only validates their confirmation biases. As a result we're more apt to live in cocoon of 1-sided perspectives. Unlike in years past (say, when everybody obtained news from Walter Cronkite) we have no common ground as a starting point for disagreement. People’s worldviews are miles apart.
  3. I suppose I shouldn't expect certain individuals to see beyond their biases......the right-wing wackos in this case. Not that far-left-wing idiots would do any differently in the same situation. Well done people.
  4. Read my quotes you posted. Everything I wrote regarding our politicians was in the plural form. As such the 'buck stops at the top' refers to (per the topic) our leaders and not those giving them advice. But I suppose basic English comprehension is lacking these days.
  5. Yes. We have a different outlook on what should've/shouldn't have been implemented. Respectfully each to their own. I just find it ironic that 99% of posts on this forum complain about our country's response to the crisis. I write a post about holding all our elected officials accountable for this mess and receive a partisan onslaught in response. Can't say I'm surprised.
  6. Hmmm.. You appear overly defensive of your great dear leader. I specifically pointed out that this is a failure of leadership across the board. Reps and Dems. Unfortunately for the President, he's at the top. The majority of the buck stops with him. No different than H1N1 response falls on Obama, or 911 response falls on Bush (considering you want to being other presidents into the topic).
  7. Didn't what? I don't care what they think or their process of formulating policy. Officials are judged on the policies they implement. Our economy is in the tank, unemployment is skyrocketing and Covid deaths are not going down. Are you happy about this? It's a complete and total failure.
  8. You didn't counter my point at all. Just made more excuses for our failed approach. How other past presidents/governors would've handled it is immaterial, they aren't the ones making decisions at the moment.
  9. Yes. Trump crapped the bed. But so also did tons of other elected officials, everywhere. Both Rep and Dem.
  10. Wrong again. Our elected officials failed us. Fauci merely provides advice. It’s up to our elected leaders to weight the options presented before them and formulate policy based on what they think is right. If our leaders chose to go with good advice, or bad advice, that’s on them. No one else. The buck stops at the top.
  11. In many places tests are rationed based on what people's symptoms are. I feel healthy as ever; which means I'd have a hell of a difficult time trying to get a test where I live. Then again, I could just as well be asymptomatic.
  12. Like any competent country does, sheltering-in-place is augmented with mass testing, followed by quarantining those infected, followed by mass tracing, followed by mass anti-body testing. The point is to stay ahead of the Covid spread, after which you can formulate a step by step process to open based on readily available info and criteria being met. Unfortunately we don't even have mass testing available to citizens. Is this process intrusive? Without a doubt. Rightly or wrongly, this is the plan we chose by initiating the lock-down. But we half-a$$ed it. If you’re gonna do something, you go ‘all-in’. We didn’t. And here we are stuck in neutral.
  13. You're missing the forest for the trees. This country’s lack of direction, preparation, execution and politicization of Covid is what's gonna kill healthcare systems. We locked-down but never implemented the next step. Had we not half-a$$ed our response most states could've opened-up long ago. Yzerman19 described it well - for political reasons we navigated the middle.
  14. Not that I agree with it, but does your opinion also apply to those who are furloughed, or lost jobs? Working conditions are too dangerous for you?….yea life isn't fair. Quit protesting, find a different job. Laid off or furloughed?…….yea life isn't fair. Quit protesting and find a different job.
  15. 1. "America bashing". Good one, the standard go-to for someone out of their league. Don't be that guy. You ask about mask regulation? People can do what they want. But so too can store owners within their establishment. That said, my point was regarding the irony in opposing the wearing of masks in light of the countless rules and restrictions in American life we never question or give a second thought about. As such, is wearing a mask in a store really an inconvenience or infringement? Or is it something else. 2. Sheltering in place isn't meant to solve the problem. The purpose of sheltering is to buy time (flattening the curve) to implement a strategy to ensure a secure and safe return to daily life. Unfortunately our government squandered the time it bought (at the expense of the economy nonetheless) by never implementing the second half of the plan. Unlike other countries doing it right and currently opening, we have no mass testing, no mass tracing, no mass anti-body testing and no comprehensive plan moving forward. Instead we citizens were treated to our President and governors bickering like 6th graders and a daily press briefing that resembled amateur night at the Apollo. An altogether incompetent $hit$how. So here we sit with an economy in shambles, a death rate unlikely to diminish, a country deeply divided and no good choices ahead of us.
  16. You can do what you want. I’m just wondering about the reasoning behind it. We have tons of stupid permanent regulations, yet mask-wearing is the hill to die on for "rights"? If a business requires patrons to wear masks, how is this different than requiring a shirt and shoes? Where's the outrage over that? Is it really that big of a deal? Me thinks, for many people, wearing (or not wearing) a mask has little to do with rights or health but rather showing solidarity to a political team. This holds true for both ends of the spectrum.
  17. Economic and political freedom have nothing to do with what’s being discussed. The point was about everyday living restrictions…..which is where wearing a mask falls into. Romania can't compare whatsoever to the US for economic and political freedom, but day-to-day living is more relaxed (as it is for most of Europe). People tend to police themselves. We don’t do this, we have regulations and rules at every turn of the road.
  18. My wife is Romanian, we visit there regularly. Returning home always illuminates how regulated American life is. A permit is required for this, no parking here, a license is needed for that, no boobies on TV, don't go over the limit, you need registration for that, city approval required for this, wanna start a business?...here's mounds of regulation for you, etc. etc. etc, And I haven't even started on privacy issues. In light of all this ridiculous and all-encompassing restrictive nonsense (that people rarely question), the notion of temporarily wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic is what gets the "it's my right" crowd riled up in this country? Yea ok kids. Obviously, for many, not wearing a mask is a political statement above and beyond anything else.
  19. Ughh. This means the entire US was basically infected via Europe, not China. That's an extra kick to the nuts.
  20. Unfortunately Grand Forks isn't alone. 'Opening up' will bring a rash of extra-deaths around the country. The economy will continue to be in the crapper until the majority of citizens feel safe. We’ll have extremes on both sides; people who throw caution to the wind and others locked at home in the fetal position, but he majority will carry on with life, albeit very cautiously. Not a good recipe for consumer driven economy.
  21. Good for you. Have a blast living in a suburb of the 2nd largest city in the United States I was responding to a post specifically about NY.
  22. You're entitled to your opinion. Just don't walk into a NYC firehouse saying as such. I posted this before. Perhaps it will give you some insight into the magnitude of Covid in some places other than secure Grand Forks. https://www.propublica.org/article/dead-on-arrival-a-ny-fire-chiefs-covid-journal
  23. You obviously have no idea what Franklin was talking about. it's not even his full quote. Hint: It was about taxation and security on the frontier. The choice to raise funds for defense against the French vs self-governance.
  24. 'Lockdowns' do work if implemented correctly. Lockdowns aren't meant to go on forever, or be a solution. They are implemented to buy time to formulate a solution. Unfortunately, we half-a$$ed the process. This country locked down... and, well, that it. We've done nothing with the time we bought. No mass testing, no mass tracing, no containment strategy and no congruent plan of action. ...and here we sit in a much worse situation than we could have been; both in terms of economics and death count.
  25. Now you're moving the goalposts. You initially asked if "global life is more dangerous". Yes it is. Death rates (Covid and 'extra') are significantly higher than in recent years, and places that are hit hard are truly reeling. Big time. This does not mean Covid is some all-encompassing global black death-like killer. It's not. Again, it's easy to sit in Grand Forks, removed from the death of the situation, and spout off about "if people die they die".
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