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  1. Any chance someone has a link to the game? I've used all my free trials for the streaming services and can't justify paying $50+ for a month of one of the services.
  2. This game reminds me of how the team looked in 2018-2019.
  3. Huntsville’s defense has been solid so far
  4. A turnover here would be huge
  5. OMG! For some reason I assumed it was Seattle, but it’s 17 minutes away from me! I had no idea!
  6. Shanks is a hilarious name for a kicker lol
  7. We CAN’T sit back and hope to win 3-2
  8. Do other team’s fans complain about our announcers as much as we do theirs? I’m honestly curious. I think our guys are fine, not great, but certainly not bad like these announcers have been. I’m obviously biased though.
  9. Juuuuust got that toss off
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