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  1. Apologies, I have read about this. I was in athletics mode.
  2. Funny, but you are going to catch a load of crap for that 1AA nonsense.
  3. Well thank you, I had/have no idea what you are referring to.
  4. How's the saying go? "They've suffered enough"
  5. Not to mention we don't even have a logo yet.
  6. So you are agreeing that his statement seems logical, then arguing against it with a completely illogical view. Weak trolling.
  7. "Stick a grand forks in em" haha. Enjoy the win, all. Great team.
  8. *yawn* No one cares, especially not today. Go to bisonville to stroke your conference.
  9. That may be true of the older generations but seems to be less so among the younger crowd.
  10. Should be 5-7 games. That was brutal.
  11. Ha, and I attended Harvard.
  12. I'm going 4-1 UND, big game from C. Johnson.
  13. 40 grand? That's nothin...I spend that on a meaningless trip to India. Signed, Dean Bresciani
  14. Please don't come here to champion the Bison, we get enough of that already.
  15. haha, no one thought that...was just hoping to watch the whole game. As long as they win we'll all be happy.
  16. I am assuming everyone on this forum, minus the trolls, is a die hard UND fan. Equating the lack of "embrace" for the new name to lack of support for the team is ridiculous.
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