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  1. More explanation needed by Chaves on this move especially so early in the search process. Feels like we will fall another year behind the other schools in terms of coaching and recruiting (especially when you don't know who the coach will be). College coaching is much different then high school coaching.
  2. Thanks for the pictures
  3. Maybe this question has already been covered but since Zimmerman was hurt most of the year can he come back next year as a QB candidate?
  4. Until UND administration steps up and gets resources for the football program, this football program will struggle, no matter who the coach is, and especially against the programs that have the resources such as NDSU. Players win games and with the resources we currently have for the football program it will be difficult to attract those players.
  5. With the Borowicz's having family ties to UND and with her older sister Kacie already committed to UND, that can hopefully only help UND.
  6. Carson was part of one of the best seasons in UND mens basketball history and a factor in the NCAA game against Arizona and went above and beyond while at UND for the things he did within the Grand Forks community. Has a definite passion and energy for the game. Great to have you back in town!
  7. Hooker - D1 Era and took us to the Big Dance Guldseth Jackson
  8. Yes - look at the stats and Q did it during the D1 era as a player. Said nothing about coaching only as a player.
  9. Agree with previous post that Quinton Hooker is the best to play men's basketball at UND. Not only a great basketball player but an even better person. You will be missed Quinton Hooker!
  10. Congratulations Q! Great representative of UND on-and-off the court. We look forward to the upcoming season.
  11. My thoughts also. Quality player/person!
  12. Eastern Washington game was a nice step forward. Good luck at Weber.
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