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  1. Time to start the UND 2019-2020 thread yet?
  2. Frustrating part to me is that you look at this team and they can and have beaten the best, while losing to the worst. There is hope, but at the same time, it's hard to maintain it. If UND can score more then 2 goals in a game, they are very hard to beat. Now if is the real question. I say they win tonight, and lose tomorrow night. Hope I'm wrong on the latter half, but trying to be realistic.
  3. If there aren't changes after this, I lose basically all faith in bubba and will be ready to move on. I let it go after last season without changes, but something has to change, or we are in for some long seasons.
  4. Driving East on University between Columbia and Washington is terrible.
  5. There is a gofundme page set up. https://www.gofundme.com/funds-for-humboldt-broncos
  6. Could lose 3-4 players to pros, but just as easy could be 0. I think Gerisch was exposed without boeser and jost on his line. Wolanin is my top risk to leave.
  7. Trying to maintain hope, but based on how this year has gone UND will finally beat UMD say 3-2, but won't get help. Season ends today.
  8. UND has tiebreaker over CC, not sure what scenario is if 4 way tie. If western beats CC and Omaha losses tomorrow and UND gets at least a point, UND hosts. Not sure on all tie breakers.
  9. Was there for that regional as well. Besides winning title in '16, the regional one of my greatest hockey memories, the atmosphere was insane, then to come back and win it made it even better. Watching the game last night and seeing the lack of a good crowd was very disappointing.
  10. Anytime timeline on when this news will be made public??
  11. If these blow out losses continue, injuries aside, something has to change, say UND wins 2 or fewer after tonight, and gets blowout a couple more times, how does change not happen. Obviously not regime change or firing bubba, but something has to be done to avoid this again. Who would've thought our most competitive and most fun game to watch would've been Utah.
  12. I understand not wanting to go when they are losing, but when fans aren't showing up, that means poor atmosphere, poor atmosphere makes recruiting very difficult. Just my theory and why I always go. And being a hockey fan, I'm used to slow starts to the season.
  13. Exactly, been through the best and worst of times. Even now when times are tough, I still go. Nothing annoys me more then fans who only support during the good times.
  14. No, i understand if a true freshman struggles. Even red shirt freshman, but after that, it's either not recruiting very well or just not performing. But to be positive, 2 conference losses looks like it could win the conference, anything is still possible, just need one win to get things going again. One difference I have realized is when the hockey team gets embarrassed, the next game is always a must watch because they come out wanting to make up for the embarrassment. Thought I would see the same thing today, and didn't.
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