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  1. UND vrs. Wyoming and Bowling Green isn't close to UND vrs. Valpo. Hopefully we make Utah regret their decision to play us, and we at least have a chance. Does anyone think Valpo and Missouri Valley Whoever has a shot?
  2. I would have more gratification if I found $1.50 in my couch cushions and got a dip cone at Dairy Queen compared to beating Valpo.
  3. St. Cloud State probably beats Valpo and it's probably not even close. The last time we stacked one on Valpo I walked out of a game later that year when Sac. St. was lighting us up at home. I had to apologize to the people I brought to the game. But hey, at least we put up 70 points on Valpo that year. These cream puff games suck!! It does little for the team unless we stay healthy and well rested, but even then fundamentally and from a skill standpoint it can actually hurt playing too far down in competition.
  4. You are a real problem solver- The big set ups will know when they can't make a game, they could easily call it in to whomever for 1st come/1st serve or let their tailgate neighbor know and that person could expand for that game.
  5. As far as I know, NDSU didn't put any effort into their tailgating other than providing the space. With the winning came the fans, with the fans came competition for the best tailgate set-up and the atmosphere fell into their lap. Is my analysis incorrect??
  6. I like these ideas. Once we get tailgate alley organized UND needs to make sure that everyone knows when the team is going to walk thru 'tailgate alley'.(2 hours before kick-off) Find a way to organize this better and make it totally nuts, something the players will look forward to and always remember.
  7. I know UND is tied into 1:00 and 4:00 start times, via Roots Sports. And, the hockey schedule may affect a late game. But this does need to be looked at. If UND had 10, or whatever the number, for RVs to pull in and camp out the night before a 1:00 start would we have anyone take advantage of that? Or maybe just the opportunity to set up the night before??
  8. What would you suggest for the University of North Dakota Football Game Day Experience Committee?? More peeps, more bathroom facilities Tailgating arrangements/Parking arrangements Game times? If games were at 2:00 I know a lot more folks can get the kid activities out of the way and still make it. (from Fargo area) Kids/Adult entertainment In game experience ideas What ever is on your mind...........
  9. I bet Kyle Norberg has more yards than Gordon in 2017-
  10. As Lou Holtz puts it - “If you don't make a total commitment to whatever you're doing then you start looking to bail out the first time the boat starts leaking. It's tough enough getting that boat to shore with everybody rowing, let alone when a guy stands up and starts putting his life jacket on.” ― Lou Holtz Jr.
  11. To clarify for the trolls - Wyoming, at the time we played them and Utah, 2017, not even close to each other as a program. But yes, an over confident opponent can be good for us.
  12. Ish!! Crap team and spend that kind of cash. MAJOR FAIL. Why not a home and home with any mid level FCS??
  13. We should just stay home after reading how good the Ute's are going to be. Losing 4 guys on the OL to the NFL would normally hurt, but not from what I read.
  14. A Weber beat writer could argue Weber took it to us last year. 1st downs Weber - 16, UND - 12 Total yards Weber - 286, UND - 212 Santiago returns opening kick off for TD, Reyes has some sick pics, Weber knocks out Studsrud with shoulder injury. (main story lines) Weber had 4 turnovers, UND - 0, which was the difference in the game. (29-17 final)
  15. Everyone, contact you nearest BWW manager. They put the Stoneybrook game on for me last year with audio and that was just a live stream. Shouldn't be an issue, get 15-20 guys together and guarantee BWW you will be eating and drinking for 4-5 hours, done deal.