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  1. Coverage 'will ramp back up' I was told from UND.......pick up your phones guys, these people work for us. Anyone have a contact at the Herald? Are the SU articles in print or just on-line?
  2. Thanks. If I am having a hard time finding it..........
  3. When is it? I searched, can't find the info.
  4. Information on the Spring Game has been hard to come by. I have heard inside the HPC at 5:00 on April 14th. That's a Friday so how about the caveat of not 100% on my info.
  5. Boeser, I think, on one knee in overtime and gets absolutely lit up.......can anyone explain that one? Did commentators say anything? It looked bad in live action.
  6. unpaid Grad Assistants
  7. Beer runs like the Red in the suites, NCAA had no say in it last regionals. So, if you know someone.......start greasing the skids.
  8. Wear it, no worries. But might want to walk with at least 1 witness at all times in case you walk by a Duluth fan and they flop on the floor and claim you struck them-
  9. Oh boy, Osterberg gets hit in the upper shoulder, causing his head to magically snap back and he reaches for his throat as if he was cross checked in the neck. There is a word for this. Pussy!!
  10. Well fresh off their playoff runs, the fan bases in Montana are hungry for more, makes sense to me. (Queing Jim Mora)
  11. My best guess- UND will have a pro day next year if Cole Reyes has a good year and is healthy. I think you need a legit draft pick to hold one. Deion Harris could be intriguing at corner with his size, 6' 3". I am sure SU will feature Da Luca and that will be enough talent to bring scouts in. Anyone else?? It used to be a major accomplishment to perform at any pro day but it's trending toward hosting your own now and then feature it on social media, even at the fcs level.
  12. Yes, flopping takes away from the game, hate to see it. This isn't soccer or the NBA-
  13. Zona hitting their free throws-
  14. Probably a lot of buses and RVs to rent in Fargo that sat idle this January. Although you won't like the decor. But glad for the "whole state", for sure!!