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  1. The Red River Rivalry exists, between Texas and OU. Might want to avoid being too close to that. A Fighting Hawk over Bison dung is a good look though. I am for playing for the Nickel, which will probably bring about paid protesters, so let's create something new, for sure. Something less stupid than a mile mark, which is pretty much anything so it won't be hard to top that.
  2. It's all about perspective. This isn't an O-Line or team that's going to get their tits lit by 50 points by Montana or Eastern like in the dark days. My read, the 'concern' is can this unit bring us through a deep play-off run. And that is questionable, but is a better concern to have than can this O-Line even win us a game.
  3. Ohhhh Really??
  4. Not D-line, my bad, a safety Marcus Williams declared early for the draft. Thanks for the research.
  5. He's good with technique and X's and O's. We weren't properly taught to run block before his arrival. Last year Coe was the only OL that could consistently push a guy on a one-on-one battle. Luke will look better when more guys get a push. I think we are in good hands, but for how long is the question.
  6. The QBs might have taken off and scrambled on a few of the sacks, but since QBs realize they are not live they hung in the pocket a little too long. Real game those feet become a little more 'happy'. The lesson - We have to handle defensive pressure teams better, like Stony Brook was, and Studsy will need to make plays with his feet. He is capable of that. So, it is concerning, but not at bad as the numbers in a Spring game.
  7. And I think their best DL is leaving early for the draft, too!! Yes, it will be an interesting game. Taylor and Schmitty will probably be thinking about each other all summer.
  8. Our defense will be watching more Eastern Washington tape than Utah tape from last year. I really like Palmborg and Haas in a game like this at outside backer. (Palmborg because of his previous safety play and Hass because of his height and overall ability)
  9. Ditto on the above comments. Mckinney will play this fall. Ray Haas looks really good. He is carrying 220 lbs right now, at 6' 5". I think he starts. O-line got worked a little, but a lot of guys moving around. They need to establish some leadership and cohesiveness. We have more depth at o-line now but need some players that are 'OK' to have a really good summer. D-backs were banged up, a lot of guys sat, but Randolph looks legit. He will be in 2 deep for sure and could push for starting opposite of Reyes. TE, Logan Alm checking in at 270, holy crap. Pinke really looked a lot bigger, too. TE position is deep. Norberg is just fricken huge. I saw him close up, he looks like an NFL player.
  10. I heard solid. Interesting that with all the formations and TE flips it is a pretty tough position to grasp. Feidler has played a lot and will be very solid. Expect Cloyd to break out this year with a year under his belt. The new kid coming in is suppose to be good, too, a chance, just a chance, he might play this fall, Graham Devore. Pinke, put on some good weight, could see the field.
  11. That would totally F up my World Women's Fantasy hockey team!! I was US heavy this year-
  12. When 'Keep'n it real goes wrong'.
  13. Thanks, we are all dumber now for reading your 2 cents -
  14. I am not as negative on the Alerus as most. Recruits and their parents absolutely love the CanadInn and restaurants being attached and all under 1 roof. Who else can offer that?
  15. Great, now I have to look up the word "sarcasm", us futball giys dont speek nun wel. Not to mention playing a road game for $400,000 and the HPC would not have been built, or needed I guess.