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  1. Non-UND FCS Thread

    UND Hockey only....ba bye!! I had a UND Hockey only fan join us at tailgating last year. He had so much fun his wife called me a week back to get him season FB tickets!! We were undefeated in tailgating last season!!
  2. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Who cares?? The mom needed the kid to flip her.....what?? No one should be surprised at how shallow and superficial some are. On the flip side, a long time banker/insurance guy I know, from up north by Hoople, graduated from NDSU but now has season tickets at UND because of the "pompous a--holes" that fill the Fargo dome. (his words, not mine) But I suppose that story doesn't write as well. When Fargo N. elementary sends classes to NDSU to run around on the field with some football players my girls insist on full head-to-toe UND. They say the players are really nice to them and joke about it, not a big deal. That impresses me more than some 'fan flipper' that probably never went to a UND football game anyway.
  3. 2019 UND Recruiting

    No doubt!! Although it's only a part time gig for me.....there are a few interesting prospects coming up, could project to FCS level, but certainly no guarantees. (I don't stalk HS kids, a family member just happens to be one)
  4. 2019 UND Recruiting

    Every name I've sent their direction, sophomore on up, the staff 1) knows the kid 2) is following the kid 3) has the kid scheduled for a camp I don't know all the rules and regs so I won't say any names but it is Moorhead to the lakes area kids.
  5. 2018 Season

    I respectfully disagree- I don't doubt we could be down 21 fairly quickly. But at some point it's Washington that will put in their 2nd and 3rd string guys at which point we should battle back and have some success and build some confidence for the rest of the season.
  6. 2018 Season

    Could be.... What about the Weber St. home game, same weekend as UND vrs Minnesota in Vegas (hockey)??!! I can't remember if I bitched about that yet, but I am pissed about it.
  7. 2019 UND Recruiting

    A player can shave 2, maybe 3 10ths in college, which wouldn't make them too slow. I figured with 6 Natty's in 7 years you guys would be bringing in guys that size that are burners. Goes to show how much player development goes into SU's success.
  8. 2019 UND Recruiting

    That's what I said? OK.......
  9. 2019 UND Recruiting

    Overall, I got a thrill up my leg watching Deluca play as a fan of football.
  10. 2019 UND Recruiting

    A lot of variables. I always heard .2 to start just due to human reaction time on the start, sound. .1 if on the flash. Anyway, if we get a LB, 4.8, and it's handheld, I won't be thrilled unless 6' 3" or taller and has a frame for DE.
  11. 2019 UND Recruiting

    Ok Professor- I bet Deluca is a 4.55 hand held. If these kids are 4.8 fully automatic that is actually not too bad. But 4.8 hand held is pretty much carrying a piano. So no, a 4.8 hand held isn't going to step in at FCS. But I am sure you know all this. The way recruiting is, who reports their slowest possible time....??? Continue fondling your Deluca fat head poster.
  12. 2019 UND Recruiting

    I assume these guys are running better than 4.8 or project to. You can't play LB effectively with a 4.8 40 in college, FCS. Better speed up or move to DE, but 6' 2" is a little borderline for DE, 230 is great size heading into Sr. yr. 200 isn't too bad either I guess, nothing too impressive. So these guys are right in the ball park for FCS players. Let's not hyperventilate.
  13. 2019 UND Recruiting

  14. 2018 Season

    If anyone knows "What types of plays and schemes give defenses fit" wouldn't Bubba know from trying to defend them most of his career........ I, too, think we'll see a more fitting offense for our personnel this year.
  15. 2018 Season

    Need $$ for football and the only significant $$ is that which is gifted. Filling the Alerus from 10,500 to 12,800 for 5 games looks great on paper, but that is only a small help financially. If the Football program has enough ticket revenue to pay for the use of the Alerus, they are happy. We have resorted to playing big money games, like Utah/Washington, but those funds are swallowed up by the rest of the season's travel budget. The only other answer is private funds, gifted to football, by the mass to keep this thing afloat until a big event happens. Will we have a big financial event??, I think it is possible if not likely, but it won't happen for a while. (Schmitty will be in his 15th year as head coach, give or take)