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  1. Former Players

    I'd be completely shocked if he got drafted, unless there are some recent very positive reports about him out there or something that I haven't seen. He has history of being injured, and he is FCS level.....two strikes against him, unfortunately. Getting hurt for the Senior Bowl (or whichever one it was) was kind of the icing on the cake in my opinion regarding his injury history. Hope he gets a shot somewhere though, I'm sure he will at least get a chance. I would love to see him play on Sundays, even if it was for the Vikings
  2. 2018 UND Recruiting

    As is almost every other school. If a guy has 4 offers......that means he doesn't choose 3 of them. Can't expect every guy we want to come on board. Hopefully if we bounce back and have a couple of successful years that will increase the likely hood that they do still choose us, but even then sometimes they won't.
  3. Spring Ball 2018

    Question, when they shuffle offensive groups in and out, is all of #1 OL unit in one group......and then the #2 in the other group? Or do they mix the 1's and 2's in each group? If they mix the #1's and 2's in together I think that is partial reason why OL doesn't look that great. I would guess the #2 DL group would probably eat up the #2 OL group, so if the 1's and 2's are all mixed together....definite advantage to DL. I agree more of a game setting would be a lot better for the fans. And I also think it is really hard to get a feel for anything when it's not really real and defense doesn't really have to worry about getting burned over the top or anything because ball goes back to the same spot anyway. Like Geaux Sioux said.....until the bullets are flying for real....hard to tell all that much. I don't think there was a single ball thrown over middle for more than 15 yards. That freshman TE looked pretty good. Sherva (sp?) looked like he can be a servicable 4th RB so probably a good move to get Gordon on the field more on defense. Also it sounds like Gordon is the one who approached the coaches about it, not the other way around. Have to admire the kid for sitting out a year and sticking with it, and then willing and wanting to change position he hasn't played just to get on the field. Hope he has a nice year. Would have been nice to been there in person. But on bright side I'm going golfing in a few....while you guys enjoy the snow
  4. Spring Ball 2018

    Awesome....thanks man!
  5. Spring Ball 2018

    I've never used Pluto TV, anything special I'll need for that? I see there is a link to it on the UND Sports football page. I clicked on that and it opened up the Pluto page......hoping once they start it will just be there?
  6. 2018 Season

    Here is what a Montana guy posted on the FCS board regarding their new coaches style of offense......" I think if you look at hacks previous tenure, he threw the ball 3 more times than he ran it, or something ridiculously close like that. Pretty balanced." I like seeing that as I think we can defend that type of offense better than a wide open one. We have GOT to beat those SOB's this year!
  7. 2018 UND Recruiting

    I agree, it hasn't been good up until now.....I just don't need to repost about it 30 times. And I'm also willing to give them credit when it is due and I think the've solidified the QB position pretty well...and right now have some of the best depth we've had in quite a while. Still need to see them prove it on the field, but doesn't mean I can't be optimistic about it.
  8. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Looks like a decent arm, mobile...and can throw on the run pretty well. I know a lot of people were pretty concerned we didn't get a QB in this class initially. I was a little concerned, but not totally freaked out. If you didn't get the few you really wanted and put offers out to, I think it's better to wait and find one like this....then to just throw out an offer just to get one......knowing the guy probably can't truly play QB at the FCS level.
  9. Spring Ball 2018

    I think Wentz was injured and sat out his entire Junior year so he wasn't really on too many peoples radar going into his senior year and I'm sure most FBS schools had their eye on the prospect or two they wanted at QB by then. Plus having what......maybe only 1 other FBS quarterback come out of ND (Bollinger) in the past 20 years didn't help things either.
  10. Memorial Stadium

    That is a pretty impressive stadium for 1927! Very cool pic.
  11. Spring Ball 2018

    Any word on how Zach Zimmerman has looked.....he is at Safety position right? At least he has a little size.
  12. Spring Ball 2018

    Cieslek look pretty good at the end of the year, he seemed to get a strong push. Hopefully he'll but just effective, hopefully more effective at the lighter weight......faster/leaner like you mentioned...but we'll see how that plays out.
  13. Spring Ball 2018

    I tend to agree with that generally, but not sure in this case. I think it is great that Boltmann is in the thick of things for the starting position as a freshman. I think that says more as to how good he is, not that the other guys aren't performing well. I think we finally have 3 QB's on the roster that can win games for us if 1 or 2 go down. It may be hard for the coaches to really see how good he'd be until he's in the game due to his scrambling mobility. I do hope that whomever gets the job takes it and runs with it though.......because having QB controversy all year does kind of suck.....like we had with Molberg and Bartels. If our #1 goes down this year, we will all cringe for a few minutes......but I think there will be confidence in the next guy in.....not like it has been the past two years where we thought the season was over if Studs got hurt.
  14. 2018 Season

    I think they will. I know there were questions about our DL not getting it done last year, but I think it was a domino effect of not having ILB's and maybe how our defensive plays were being called etc.. I don't see how guys like Dranka and Greeley who were four year players all of the sudden regressed and got worse. Plus they were seniors, they are not going to pack it in after 3-4 games and slack off. It's their last shot.....they are going to play hard. The Freshman DL guys that redshirted last year were more highly touted than Greeley and Dranka, and Greeley and Dranka played as true freshman and were pretty successful, so I expect our redshirt freshman this year to play well. Plus Tank has put some more weight back on the way it sounds, which is good. Given all of that I think the DL will rebound and turn to form. However that said, we still need to see it happen.....and after last year literally every position on the team has something to prove other than RB, we know what we've got there.
  15. 2018 Season

    My early three questions for 2018 1. Will our new QB's be able to open things up without turning the ball over? 2. Will our OL take a step forward and be above average next year? 3. Will we be able to get good consistent play from the Safety position with Reyes being gone?