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  1. I don't have a Top 5, but I think whichever of these guys loses their RS would be my number 1 because they will be our speed guy and be very important to be able to stretch the defense and have a big impact on the entire offense, even when they don't get the ball. One of those guys gets a couple deep balls and big plays earlier in the year, defenses will have to be a bit more honest and be thinking about them.
  2. Try telling that to Kylor Neale on the FCS Fans FB page, he is from EWU and would have none of this and probably call it Fake News. He is another loud and vocal hater of UND football on social media.
  3. lol yeah no doubt! I remember sitting in the theatre thinking that if I had rented this and was at home I would shut it off and go to bed!
  4. Not sure why they would transfer.
  5. If in a weeks time I find out we lost Harris AND Grady..........Ugh
  6. I'd rather have them all be over confident going into the game, it's ok with me if they think that. Although if they have information saying 4 of our starting OL are true wonder they are thinking that lol. If we were playing 4 true freshman on the OL I'd also say we wouldn't score more than 10 points against them. Their defensive front will already be a test for an OL that has some experience. I hope their entire team has a false sense of security going into the game and they overlook us.
  7. Yeah it's a horribly ugly place..... based on my pics from just my two week trip back go ND that I'm finishing up. Severe drought right now though, otherwise all of those pics would have been nice and green.
  8. I replied to him on a comment last night using Nate Little Man, but I like your Nate Little Boy better.....I think I'll use that one in the future should I reply to him again. I was going to say Nate Little D*ck but figured that might get me in trouble or banned from the page lol.
  9. Our offensive line is going to be in for a big test that first game!! The last few years (outside of the Wyoming game) our OL has struggled the first couple of games of the season, hopefully having a little experience this year they can at least hold their own that first game.....they will be put to the test! On the positive side, we won't see a tougher DL group the rest of the year so it'll be a good experience for them.
  10. Ugh!! Man I was on a such a high yesterday getting excited for the season and what could be. Man what a downer to learn we could be losing an NFL prospect at corner for the year.......damn it!! That game on the road at Montana just got a little tougher.
  11. Yeah a I think a handful of those loudmouth Griz fans posting all of the time, is starting to rub off on them. I hope if we get and stay in the upper echelon of FCS we don't also end up with a handful of dbag fans like Montana and NDSU that think their sh*t doesn't stink and like to rip on/post on social media about other programs without even being provoked.
  12. I am hoping EWU beats NDSU, but with all of the changes they may have some growing pains early in the year where as NDSU will come out of the gate fast to start the year like they always seem to do. As much as that last regular season game of the year against EWU will be extra exciting because it will likely have a lot riding on it, it might have been nicer to catch them earlier in the year when they are still figuring some things out. Regardless, we still have to win that EWU game. I hope our OL is rolling by then and we are putting up a lot of points and chewing lots of clock.
  13. Yep, I'm on that FB group.....and all of them are squawking about how we aren't the real deal and avoided them last year blah blah blah. Then of course a few NDSU fans have to jump in and comment too.
  14. Man I really, really, REALLY want to beat EWU and Montana this year to shut those fan bases up a little bit.
  15. The guy that had it was from Bismarck/Mandan but not sure which Scheels he got it from.