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  1. How about Harris with a pick 6 against an FBS school to start the year and back up some of the high praise and projections from some of the national FCS columnists!
  2. Agreed!!
  3. I would totally add to the atmosphere to have people down there and help make the place look and feel more full. Not a great view as others suggested, but also as others suggested good tickets between the 20-50 are hard to come by, if there is a bar down there some people/businesses may find that attractive. Hopefully as the team continues to improve, tailgating outside continues to improve etc.......UND football will be an event and the place to be Saturday afternoons. Plus it is just wasted space, doesn't seem like it could hurt to try it.
  4. Winning a playoff game is a must to be considered a successful season, preferably a second round win at home like you suggest. If we had to play in the first round and won, and then lost in the second round though.....that would be disappointing. While getting a playoff win would be nice....not advancing past the second round wouldn't be able to be considered a success. Winning a third round playoff game, that would definitely be considered a success. If our OL comes together though, we'll all hope for even more than that though.
  5. Kind of wish they didn't change their offensive coordinator and still were more of a running team since stopping the run is where we generally excel. And with their OL having 4 new starters we could possibly give them some fits running the ball, however our ILB's are a little inexperienced as well so we might not be as good against the run this year early in the year as we normally are. But our defensive line can still hopefully cause some havoc and get some pressure on the QB and make him make some poor choices which lead to INT's. Sounds like he was a little inconsistent last year, and with a new offense hopefully they won't be clicking right out of the gate, we'll need to capitalize on those situations when they occur.
  6. For me personally I'd way rather sit anywhere between the 20 - 50 than at ground level in the end zone, just for viewing purposes. But something to consider going forward if we continue to build crowds that are at capacity. And sounds like they are selling well at UCF...and that is some good extra easy money if they sell! Having suite type perks can offset the view.
  7. I would rather have us catch them, pass them, and have them slip.
  8. The fact that he chose UND, and if that's true he was willing to pay his own first year.......means he must really see good things in our school and program. That is great news in general as we continue recruiting battles in the future. Our program is certainly seen in such a better light than it was just 4 years ago.....great job Bubba and staff!
  9. Ok that is what I couldn't remember, if Zimmerman had 2 or 3 years left, thanks. Well that will work out perfect then with Nate sitting out this year and then have 18 & 19 to play.
  10. Yep I know Nate is sitting out this year, just trying to remember if Zimmerman has 2 or 3 years of eligibility left. So Zimmerman is on roster this year, both him and Nate have two years left....18 and 19, or does Zimmerman only have two years of eligibility.....2017 and 2018.
  11. Are you talking about Zimmerman? I thought he was going to be active this year and probably be our #2, I don't think he is sitting out this year is he??
  12. Nice! Finally we are really building some good quality, depth, and competition at the most important position in sports. I can't remember now....does Zimmerman have 2 years left to play....or 3? If he has 3 left they will be battling it out, along with the Boltman the next couple of years to be the starter.
  13. 58.7% Completion percentage isn't exactly tearing it up for Stick. But when you have a 20-2 record as a starter you are going to get some recognition even if it's due to having a great team around you.
  14. Although ILB is a concern, I also have confidence in the coaches that they will work to get them ready......although there is nothing like having game experience. Having a strong D line will help, particularly Tank up the middle to plug things up. Honestly I don't think anybody can say how it will work out over the course of the whole season and playoffs, we'll just have to see.
  15. It's a good thing stopping the run up the gut isn't that important in football.