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  1. Lacrosse at a "DI" UND?

    Lax is even more diverse geographically, but a Dave Christian, Toews, or Oshie is possible from our region.
  2. Lacrosse at a "DI" UND?

    It is amazing how we don’t at all see the same thing after all the exchanges. Either you are not reading, don’t have vision or I’m not communicating. DI lax would be a first for a multi-state region and would bring a cultural change to UND just like hockey did. A DI lax program would bring in lax camps and be a regional beacon for kid playing lax. Univited walk-ons would naturally gravitate and stay for their college careers. UND has the indoor facilities to make it happen. Kids that don’t make varsity can play on a club team and then try out the next year. Kids that want to be pilots and lax players now have a national choice. Even getting a hundred kids based on lax at UND would be a major accomplishment. UND won’t ever be a regional center for tennis or golf or baseball that will attract Minneapolis kids unless a massive dome is built over Grand Forks, NDSU and SDSU have poo-posed hockey and specifically UND hockey for generations, but the youth in both those cities see the XDSU leadership as old farts that are stuck in their mud. Lax is not a passing fad. It’s grown stronger for at least 20 years and is being embrace internationally to the point the Olympics may make it a sport.
  3. Lacrosse at a "DI" UND?

    The math doesn’t pencil in for M or W lax unless noninvited walk-ons are included. It’s part of the reason why small southern DI schools offer it when locally lax hardly registers. How many kids want to walk on for tennis or golf for a shot at getting better? Those kids already go south. The closest lax school is Marquette, which is much more expensive. If 50 gals or 80 guys were on campus just for a chance at lax, that would greatly improve the financials. That’s not including their friends or even boy/girl friends that would come too. There is only a few sports where UND could attract uninvited walk-ons in sufficient numbers to make a financial difference. Lax, synchronized skating (Miami has it), curling, and maybe a few other To get more home games, NDSU or SDSU would probably have to start lax too, as teams often schedule two games over an extended weekend. That’s the appeal downside. Lax would appeal to Minnesota kids who have essentially no choice for DI lax except a couple of MiAC DIII programs. The very existence of it would put UND in a “cool” category for many Minnesota kids. That’s one way to grow enrollment. Almost any other sport there are many more choices as well as DII, DIII, NAIA and JC.
  4. NHL expanding to Seattle in 2014?

    Another story on Vegas Golden Knights that healed and unified a city: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/sd-sp-vegas-golden-knights-success-amid-tragedy-20180414-story.html
  5. Lacrosse at a "DI" UND?

    $2 million is for private school programs. The scholarships costs are nearly $750k for those schools and they can just waive tuition on their books, which public schools can’t. DU’s coach make $250 k per year because they wanted maybe the best coach in the college world. Most lax coaches make around $100 k and less for women’s coaches. Comparing private school athetic costs to public is a major no-no.
  6. Lacrosse at a "DI" UND?

    Been through this before with you. U of Utah has a higher tuition and cost ($42k for out of state) yet they endowed their men’s lax with $15.6 million. UND likely can’t start men’s lax without a conference, as there isnt one out west past Marquette, as scheduling would be so difficult. Maybe in a few years. Lax is so much cheaper than hockey - only about 66% of scholarships, we have indoor venues without ice requirements, lower coaching salaries, and equipment consists of helmets (for men), eye protection for women, shoes, and uniforms. The equipment and uniforms would be paid for by NIKE or Adidas. The MPSF is begging for women’s teams as it only has three right now. Dump tennis and golf and start a women’s team. Either M&W lax would bring in out state enrollment. Since they are not full scholarship, UND could actually break even on them just for tuition. Tennis or golf are always losing propositions and attract little to no interest and don’t enhance enrollment. Get programs that have a net positive cash flow for UND. If some tennis or golf people want to endow those programs, that is a game changer.
  7. Lacrosse at a "DI" UND?

    http://www.startribune.com/lacrosse-story-lines-state-churns-out-top-college-prospects-gets-ex-players-as-coaches/479462933/ Minnesota is churning out DI lax prospects. Also, more talk that Moorhead will field M&W lax teams next year. Both M &W lax were two the the most added college sports in the past decade as well as beach volleyball. M&W swimming, wrestling, and M&W tennis were the sports most cut. It makes sense for UND to add appeal to its sports offerings (and enrollment growth) rather than tennis and swimming that don’t have revenue. https://www.chronicle.com/article/Here-Are-the-Hottest-College/242951 UCDavis just added beach volleyball as well as equestrian. https://volleymob.com/uc-davis-announces-new-varsity-beach-volleyball-equestrian-teams/
  8. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Another Zimmer article on Augustana going DI. https://amp.argusleader.com/amp/511148002?__twitter_impression=true
  9. NHL expanding to Seattle in 2014?

    Did Vegas’s jerseys get MafiaMan’s seal of approval? Apparently they are selling like hot cakes as top selling jersey in the league. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/golden-knights-nhl/knights-merchandise-sales-prove-golden-outpacing-rest-of-nhl/
  10. Saskatchewan Junior Team in Horrible Accident

    It will ruin her femi-nazi case, but sadly, a female trainer recently lost her life in the hospital from that accident too. Rather pathetic many journalism grads look at everything through a racial gender lens. White males should not at all be mourned as the world is better off with them dead say the social justice warrior journalists unless th white male whole-heartedly agrees with them.
  11. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    This seems to summarize the relationships between Sanford and USD/SDSU fans: https://www.jconline.com/videos/news/2018/04/11/1m-lawsuit-alleges-purdues-haas-lied-spread-std/33744373/ If you sleep around for fame/fortune, there are consequences. Sanford Health can maybe fix it.
  12. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Next season may be a good time to play a series at Glendale Arena against Arizona State, as Las Vegas and Phoenix are too much in one season.
  13. NHL expanding to Seattle in 2014?

    Greater Toronto has more than double the hockey fans of the New York area, which has three teams. It would suck for QC if they get bypassed again, but money has a way of talking. Seems like Seattle is making front office moves, even though the NHL has not granted a team yet. https://www.si.com/nhl/2018/04/11/seattle-nhl-expansion-leiweke
  14. NHL expanding to Seattle in 2014?

    This article says there is a group that is in talks with the NHL for a second team in Toronto. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-might-difficult-nhl-awards-race-ever/ So Houston and Toronto2 may be #33 and #34?
  15. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Bet you and other hardcore SD fans may try not to go to Sanford, but any Augie person would do the opposite. It would not have any effect on Sanford Health’s business. Next are you USD and SDSU fans going to boycott Sanford Center and the SLT? That would be hilarious. Boycott anything with Sanford in its name, like your new arena on campus. He has given toward many projects in the state but you are singling out one that you hate so all his gifts should be hated?