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  1. Future Schedules

    In 2015-16, Nebraska had football revenue of $65 million with expenses of $27.5 million. Tickets are priced at $57 average. Nebraska went 6-7 that year, so presumably they had seven home games. Each home game would bring in revenue of at least $8 million. Not sure if the Big Ten TV revenue even counts for this but since total revenue was $112 million, the Big Ten sharing must be in the non-football revenue (as there other sports don't have nearly the revenue).
  2. UMKC did a study which is supposed to tell them what to do: stay D1, go DII, or drop athletics. No move has been announced.
  3. College Hockey Expansion

    An article about how Sacred Heart is doing in their rented 8500 seat Webster Bank arena. Hasnt improved ticket sales that much, but selling 1500 seats is an improvement. Almost all the AHA teams have been upgrading or built or are planning new arenas. Sacred Heart is not the pushover that it used to be. There is talk that a Connecticut Beanpot tournament will form using UConn, Quinnipiac, Yale, and Sacred Heart. http://www.ctpost.com/sports/article/Sacred-Heart-hockey-looking-to-build-12425733.php#photo14692975
  4. Future Schedules

    This year's bowls have the #2 CUSA team v the # 1 Sunbelt team, the #2 Belt against the #1 MAC, and the #1 CUSA team vs the #2 MAC team, so the playoff system is almost set up. Think in five years, the new Summit, a revised WAC, and a revised Atlantic Sun (mostly CAA teams) will be part of it too.
  5. If the former Slummit becomes the best of the Big Sky and Summit, I'm all in.
  6. UND is the glue that would keep Denver and Omaha in, otherwise they would leave too The XDSU's will rely on UND to get more Big Sky schools.
  7. IPFW wants out badly, but SDSU fans are in denial. If IPFW leaves, the whole Summit could unravel unless the Montana's, Idaho, and EWU move over. The long term future of the conference needs truly neutral sites in those states; Bismarck, Rapid City, and Billings. That will grow region wide interest in college basketball rather than giving SDSU a carte blanche ticket to the dance.
  8. Future Schedules

    Just today, Brett McMurphy tweeted that some G5 conferences had got together informally for playoff talk. It's coming, but it will take time. But the $'s need to be better than bowls.
  9. Future Schedules

    In 2022, Ga Southern will get $ 1.423 million for playing at Lincoln.. So by being FCS, we are taking a $ 908,000 discount. FBS has some mighty bucks that were missing out that would nearly pay the scholarship difference.
  10. For once, agree with the trolls. But for UND the issue is the Alerus would probably have to be used as the Ralph is reserved for hockey playoffs.
  11. Future Schedules

    So you have the contract in front of you stating this is not true?
  12. UND (4-5) @ SDSU (8-4) 12/12 7 PM

    The loss of Berstine and Shanks will be felt even worse in the upcoming game with Gonzaga. Avants can't fill the middle by himself against higher level teams.
  13. Future Schedules

    And it would be TWO million dollars if we go FBS.
  14. NHL expanding to Seattle in 2014?

    The owners of the Thrashers and Phillips Arena decided that they didn't want the Thrashers anymore. Fan support would have been much better if the owners actually wanted the team and advertised. Support would be much high in Cobb County or Gwinnett County, where most hockey fans live, as getting to a parking spot isn't so risky as in downtown Atlanta. The Braves left downtown for Cobb County for a reason. But it would take a billionaire with a promise of a new Arena in the northern suburbs to get the NHL interested again
  15. Univ. of West Florida

    West Florida is close to Paradise, but too many social problems in my book. Fort Walton has fewer, but really liked Seaside and Rosemary Beach alot, but those are more invented towns. Crestview seems rather ideal, as beach towns are just too fake.