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  1. The Big Sky requires one year notice for Olympic Sports for no exit fee, but two years for football. Why we have a three year football notice is a mystery. But consider if the Montanas, Idaho and EWU all decide to join the Summit when east of the Mississippi River schools are gone, and that may happen by next June. Those schools would need two years notice for Football, matching UND's exit date. Kennedy has it all planned out. The IP's and W Illinois never really wanted a part of the Dakotas but it was their only choice and the IP's have always been longing for the Horizon since moving up from DII. A good chance they will all be adios before next June as well as ORU. We will be in a Summit football league in three years and never see the MVFC. The new Summit won't have enough teams for men's soccer or baseball, making football the saving grace for a continued autobid.
  2. When the MVC goes to 12 with Murray St and Milwaukee or UMKC or ORU, IPFW will be gone for sure. IPFW probably wasn't picked first because IUPUI is an easy addition to the OVC. The Horizon move to IUPUI first preserves IPFW for later. The need for the Montanas, Idaho and EWU is becoming more evident by the day. Imagine that ORU, W Ill, IPFW and maybe even Omaha are working the phones trying to get out of the Summit. UND wouldn't move in unless there is a plan.
  3. You love Emerado, and Thompson, and Manvel and Fischer.
  4. Any development of Ray Richards could buy some time for overpasses further south. Ray Richards could really enliven the western city with development and keep sprawl to a minimum. Don't need to be another Fargo in that respect
  5. Tony Paul reported that the school had baseball, and now says it doesn't. The Horizon has six baseball teams now, so one more isn't needed right way. IPFW and RMU could get the nods for the 11th and 12th spots for 2018-19, when both have new arenas. IUPUI has to decide before July 1st, which is the NCAA deadline. Paul is reporting that the Horizon AD'S now have two conference schedules, one with IUPUI. Could mess with our volleyball schedule, as we play IUPUI and Green Bay in what a supposed non conference tournament for them.
  6. Now, Tony Paul of the Detroit News says IUPUI is the school with a Horizon invite, not IPFW or GCU. IUPUI is awaiting regent approval.
  7. An Illinois St fan says Murray St will join the Horizon this year and IUPUI and IPFW next. Not sure what Murray St is going to do with their football, presumably play in the OVC this year and MVFC next, so the Horizon will go to 12. That would leave the Summit at 8, and if W Illinois moves to the OVC, the Summit will be down to seven. Need to get EWU, the Montanas and Idaho in soon.
  8. More Illinois speculation
  9. Some speculation that the Illinois might take their club team DI.
  10. Interesting that when IPFW splits into PU-FW and IU-FW, the IU athletes can not compete for PU-FW per NCAA rules. Guess IU-FW, which will be the former IPFW health sciences college, will have to go to DII or lower.
  11. If IPFW is a goner, someone with baseball needs to be added (No Col) or the future Summit needs to add football to stay alive for mbb autobid.
  12. An unidentified school has been offered a Horizon spot - know in two weeks if it will accept Must have baseball - which eliminates IUPUI, Robert Morris Likely IPFW - chance it is Grand Canyon and SIU-E. The following story is wrong about IPFW splitting in half, as it will be renamed Purdue U-FW (PUFW). There will be an IU-FW, but it will just be a small college of health sciences. Would be surprised if SIU-E left the OVC, as their one champion sport got in the MAC as men's soccer affiliate, and the MAC has power teams like Akron and WVU in that sport. SIU-E has an old barn for mbb, while IPFW will move into a new downtown arena in 2018 or 2019. Illinois' government is near crippled now, so SIU-E spending on exit and entry fees wouldn't go down well. As the Slummit Turns. Needs to get rid of IUPUI and W Ill next and then would be the Summit
  13. What is the source? A Utah poster said the same, that Utah would add hockey.
  14. On their board, Morehead State fans said he didn't get eligible this spring and had to take summer classes. Don't know if that's true. Morehead St has a new coach and now has a whole troop of new players, as they lost transfers too.
  15. Can't argue with that, but at least UND needs top 100 wins so it can actually get a better seed in the tournament and avoid a top 10 seeded team like Minnesota. The MVC actually gets at large because UNI and others have powerful programs.