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  1. He was asked a question if SDSU and NDSU were moving on to the MVC. He only answered that SDSU wouldn't but left open the possibility that NDSU could by not answering. Try better next time.
  2. All the more reason that this board needs some levity.
  3. And the bizon faithful bronzed him in a statuesque form, and NDSU presidents seem to know they need to follow in his form.
  4. The SBOHE hasn't stopped NDSU from any conference in the past and hasn't pressured any conference to offer both schools to our knowledge. But now the expectation is that each school would support the other, and not put up artificial roadblocks as I think NDSU and Geno Taylor have done in the past with the MVFC.
  5. Since the NCAA forced a regional tournament out of N Carolina because that state forbids males in women's rest rooms and locker rooms, UND should get a line or two of men that play club hockey and for game day they say they feel like women. Can save on scholarships, be better skaters and puckhandlers, travel and eat first class and the NCAA wouldn't have a leg to stand on considering they have already taken a stand on men feeling like women. After all, a man just won the women's weightlifting world championship. Why can't a women's team with men win NCAA WIH? A lot of men would want to dress in the REA's locker rooms and practice there.
  6. So will you give a guarantee that NDSU would not move to the MVC?
  7. UMKC still doesn't have baseball, which the Slummit might just need if a baseball school gets an MVC invite. UMKC avoided adding baseball by going to the WAC, which has baseball teams aplenty.
  8. And my post doesn't agree?
  9. Mens Basketball is it. Wichita St was a power in baseball and women's volleyball too. UNI dropped baseball and the MVC will be short in that sport too. The Horizon, Slummit, and MVC will all be borderline autobids if they lose their baseball autobids. Dallas Baptist doesn't count as it isn't a full DI school, although it is a baseball power. DBU could go to the WAC, which would have stronger programs. If the Slummit loses NDSU, SDSU, W Ill, ORU or Omaha, it would be forced to get No Colo or have UND or USD restart their baseball programs or alternatively sponsor football.
  10. There was a recent Chatanooga newspaper article that said Belmont is talking with the SoCon. The SoCon has numerous private schools and they miss the bball power of Davidson. Belmont wants and needs students that want to be a part of the Country and Christian music industry, as Belmont has deep connections to that Nashville scene. NC, SC, GA, and AL have a lot of those type students. Belmont already has awareness in TN and KY so the OVC doesn't buy much, but needs more eastern recruiting for both athletes and students. Belmont recently left the Horizon for the SoCon in men's soccer, and rebuffed interest from the MVC the last time when the MVC took Loyola. Have no doubt the MVC wants Belmont, but there is no indication of the reverse.
  11. The UNI board is pushing for NDSU and SDSU. The MVC will go east or north to Milwaukee though, where there is TV markets and actual recruiting.
  12. The MVC.has nearly 20 dance credits while the Slummit has one over the minimum of six. Until those expire, nothing happens. Those credits are why Drake can pay $400k to their coach.
  13. ESPN reports that a Shocker move to the AAC will happen soon. Matt Zimmer of the SF Argus Leader says SDSU won't abandon the SF Slummit tournament for the MVC but NDSU might.
  14. Nebraska is where bb coaches go to retire. It's the furthest thing from a stepping stone to greatness. With Northwestern's recent dance win, Nebraska is the only P5 that has never won an NCAA game. Creighton bb is king until that turns. The Drake job is similar to the Huskers bball for futility.
  15. The cost needs to be cut. Never argued that. Revenue can be raised by having extra weekends at the Ralph for other events. Have the women play most games in the Olympic arena or Icon.