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  1. Think Robert Morris will get a look too, but at least one of the IP's will be gone.
  2. Precisely. Wouldn't count out Wichita St fb, as they want to be full AAC members eventually. Also, if NMSU doesn't have an FBS invite, they might need to join. Left out the XDSU's as they thought they were MVC material and it be hilarious if we went FBS first.
  3. The MVC schedules site visits when there is mutual interest. Omaha is probably a Tier 2 candidate though. Valpo and Murray being Tier 1. My theory was the Montanas gave an ultimatum to the BSC that they wanted the Dakotas or they would leave. The other BSC teams voted so the Montanas would stay.
  4. It seems that is finally sinking in in Fargo. NDSU will never be in the MVC. You have to look west now or move up Northern Sun or MIAA schools.
  5. It's so obvious the your eyes glazed over whenever I had mentioned FBS as most of the teams are the same. Same dumb a** posts by you. Your incapable of reading and understanding, because you seem to be so incensed at even the concept. The XDSU's have learned that they are just the fat girls tagging along to the MVC bar to make the other MVC gals look like models. And here they thought there were wonderful and flattering comments, but no one wants them. They finally now realize the whole MVC setup doesn't lead to a meaningful promotion and they are just being used. You don't give any options if the Slummit deteriorates, which can happen if Omaha and the IP-soups leave. It may be the only thing a Dakota 4 have to offer a multi bid conference is a conviction and seriousness to start FBS. You can scoff at that all you want, but we could end us as independents without a very serious run at FBS. But UND has even more facility issues than the other three, as we don't have them yet. Idaho wants an FBS league that is affordable and regional. The same might be true of the Montanas and EWU, as they can't afford to compete in the MWC but a lower league might be up their alley. But you'll deny it til kingdom come.
  6. In retrospect, the cutting of women's swimming was surprising if FBS is in the plans. But there are actually other women's sports that can be cheaper and don't require expensive facility upgrades. Idaho cut back to FCS and is now losing more money and had to ask the state for more. But women's swimming has stayed intact when it could have been cut now. If an FBS upgrade is announced, a school just has to have a plan for adding women's schollies. It doesn't have to be immediate. Getting to 16 sports is the immediate part.
  7. It was well over what was needed and the reduced travel costs haven't even kicked in yet. UND would need some major donations for facility improvements anyway, but think it will come. The main point is that the XDSU fans just might have been forced to give up the delusion that the MVC was lusting after their basketball prowess. Their interested in a new DI program Omaha but not multI dance XDSU programs - for real? Football is all they got to focus on and invest in now, and that means FBS will be on the plate.
  8. How long will it be to get the bison trolls saying that league should be FBS? They were steadfast against a UND WAC but would be in favor of this being FBS. As Liberty has shown, the NCAA can give schools and conferences waivers to be FBS now. The WAC was the only vehicle available to go without a waiver.
  9. Youngstown would not be challenged in the OVC, except maybe Jax St. Supposedly, the CAA could look at them, but even that is doubtful as YSU has a JC reputation.
  10. Seattle was too stuck up to join for anything other than track. We played them, but it wasn't a league game in mbb or wbb or even baseball etc. They had independent schedules because they didn't like the idea of playing away from the coasts. The Big West I think gave them a lot of games OOC.
  11. Dennis Dodd of CBS reports that Omaha will get an MVC visit tomorrow. No word yet on a Milwaukee visit.
  12. Portland has rarely shown fan interest or an ability to spend and improve. Weber St has a track record that blows PSU away.
  13. The NW contingent would like that, but don't know the Seattle U would like to play in the hinterlands.
  14. Am too. Guess UNI and Drake wanted someone more local too. But the MVC could still only take 1 or 2 or 3. Five schools had visits the last time and only Loyola got chosen.
  15. If the Montanas are interested, Idaho sure will be. EWU needs to hang around those three. As someone said earlier, two groups of four isolated schools makes a great regional and academic conference.