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  1. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    You dropped sports and dropped out of the BSC to save money. Plus during that time all of your sports werent fully funded .Those facts dont lend to you having the resources to go FBS.
  2. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    I think we could get a couple of thousand and add some luxury boxes. It would also add some meeting rooms and convention spaces.
  3. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Actually they can expand the west side of the dome but Would the ROI be worth it and would the dome be willing to lose the revenue during the expansion?
  4. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    ""The leading schools in the Big Sky wanted us because we had resources to be FBS."" You didnt have the resources to stay in the BSC. Wow dude. But he had a conversation with you??????
  5. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    You serious Clark?
  6. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    How many timelines have already been moved that were at the time absolutes? What happened to the NCAA changing the rules for UND? What happened to NDSU following UND to FBS? You could actually go on for hours on his predictions that hes stated as fact. But he keeps moving the goalposts, timelines, scenarios but calls everyone a troll who questions him??????
  7. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Youve been munching those turds for quite sometime considering none your bloviations have come to fruition. UND and Big Sky to FBS??? You going to change the title to MVFC????? Since you have stated numerous times that the end game was FBS for UND I think its fair to say that UND feels the best route to that goal is through the MVFC since they are moving to them. Even though you have bloviated that NDSU would have to attach itself to UND and the BSC to make that move. Hows that working out for you?
  8. bison73

    Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Also heard she wasnt big on leaving ND. Again--nothing but a rumor.
  9. bison73

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    Considering you have yet to be correct on your predictions that you stated as fact his post is spot on.
  10. bison73

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    That was it. Epic!
  11. bison73

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    JBB certified looney tune. Somebody changed his avatar as joke on one of the old sites(Bisonnation.com I think) and he went bonkers and he started posting very graphic homoporn. That man is at a zip code that doesnt exist.
  12. bison73

    2019 UND Recruiting

    You really think so?
  13. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    The FBS for all intent and purpose has already split off when they told the NCAA what they wanted and the NCAA folded up like a cheap suitcase and gave them autonomy. It would be nice if the G5 would have its own championship but they are too worried about staying on the FBS money train to keep their irrelevant programs alive.
  14. bison73

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    So you would have the best FCS teams move up for a paycheck but in the process they become irrelevant and get lost in the shuffle.
  15. Yeah Im sure they did. Chuckle chuckle.