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  1. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Happy Easter.
  2. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    Not me. SCSU tied Princeton twice this year and did not look good doing so.

    Good seats though?
  4. Frozen Faceoff - 4 Friday Session Tickets

    These are all spoken for. Safe travels, all.
  5. Frozen Faceoff - 4 Friday Session Tickets

    2 down. 2 more for sale.
  6. Frozen Faceoff - 4 Friday Session Tickets

    I should add that this is the end of the ice that the Sioux shoot at twice.
  7. Have four for Friday only. Section 123, row 8, seats 1-4. This is directly behind one goal on the zamboni entrance. Because of that, there are only 4 seats in this row, so you and your compatriots would have the entire row to yourselves. Each ticket comes out to $56.05 with Ticketmaster's mark up or just shy of $225 for the set. I'd let them go below face value, would ask $150 for all four. I would also consider breaking them up into sets of two. PM me if interested. Tickets will be in Fargo tonight and St. Paul tomorrow morning.
  8. NORTH DAKOTA vs. St Cloud

    SCSU only packed black for the weekend.
  9. UND's New Hockey Conference

    Another very prescient point. The albatross that is SCSU has truly doomed the NCHC.
  10. UND's New Hockey Conference

    A couple of spot on posts from September 2011. St. Cloud State University, poisoning the NCHC well as a bottom feeder, one Penrose at a time.
  11. North Dakota @ Miami - Saturday Gameday

    Nevermind, up and running now.
  12. North Dakota @ Miami - Saturday Gameday

    Anyone having issues getting the game to load on NCHC.tv? Duluth and WMU working fine, but nothing for the Sioux game. I was having issues with loading and buffering last night so might be on my end.
  13. Olympic Hockey

    We need to open an investigation into any collusion Putin had with Bettman.
  14. Olympic Hockey

    That was Germany's gold medal game. Those guys are going to get pounded by CCCP.
  15. Olympic Hockey

    Wow. Way to go Deutschland.