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  1. That's not exactly true. A whole lot of fluff at SCSU but they have some degree programs that consistently provide value to students. That's why they have sent walking papers to library professors, philosophy professors, and the like. Not unlike how my other alma mater, UND SoL, cut a bunch of their fat in recent years and wisely so.
  2. When I graduated from SCSU in 2009 enrollment was over 18,000 students. That was more than both UND and NDSU. The salad days are over and the reckoning is upon is.
  3. That is absolutely what happened. New bylaws require 10 conference sponsored sports including football or 11 sports without football.
  4. SCSU is wearing black, so it could get real confusing out there if they bust those out.
  5. I send my regards to anyone flying Allegiant out of BIS tonight. Oxygen leak, new plane en route from Vegas, the 9:15 pm departure is now slated for 4:30 am. And TSA is closed between midnight and 4. Down to warm beers, but that will end shortly. Thoughts and prayers.
  6. Those are exponentially better than any sweater they have ever worn.
  7. The Bemidji play by play guy sounds about as exciting as an NPR news update.
  8. BSU ended it. Which is insane because their games were broadcast to every household in the upper midwest with bunny ears. I would say that exposure alone was worth more than whatever piddly amount they make on streaming.
  9. I purchased so I could watch UND and the SCSU games this weekend. If you are still game, I can try to see if it works on multiple devices/locations and if so, I'd share my account info.
  10. Not me. SCSU tied Princeton twice this year and did not look good doing so.
  11. I should add that this is the end of the ice that the Sioux shoot at twice.
  12. Have four for Friday only. Section 123, row 8, seats 1-4. This is directly behind one goal on the zamboni entrance. Because of that, there are only 4 seats in this row, so you and your compatriots would have the entire row to yourselves. Each ticket comes out to $56.05 with Ticketmaster's mark up or just shy of $225 for the set. I'd let them go below face value, would ask $150 for all four. I would also consider breaking them up into sets of two. PM me if interested. Tickets will be in Fargo tonight and St. Paul tomorrow morning.
  13. SCSU only packed black for the weekend.
  14. Another very prescient point. The albatross that is SCSU has truly doomed the NCHC.
  15. A couple of spot on posts from September 2011. St. Cloud State University, poisoning the NCHC well as a bottom feeder, one Penrose at a time.
  16. Anyone having issues getting the game to load on NCHC.tv? Duluth and WMU working fine, but nothing for the Sioux game. I was having issues with loading and buffering last night so might be on my end.
  17. We need to open an investigation into any collusion Putin had with Bettman.
  18. That was Germany's gold medal game. Those guys are going to get pounded by CCCP.
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