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  1. Vote on your final 5 nickname choices (just ND is out)

    The people that spearheaded this are Diane Hillebrand, John Bridewell, Landon Bahl and Russ McDonald. I was pretty shocked that Lowell Schweigert went along with this. I thought he had heard the message from his constituents. The ones who should be commended are Karl Goehring, Jazmyn Friesz and Dave St. Peter. They put up a good fight but could not secure enough votes to keep UND/ND on the list. Since Hillebrand and Bridewell both said they were doing only what their constituents told them, they should be emailed and let known what the people really think of their decision.
  2. NORTH DAKOTA FIGHTING SIOUX vs CC Friday game thread

    Does anyone think N.Schmaltz has not looked quite right since coming back from the World Juniors? Perhaps I was expecting more from him than I should be but he seems to just be disinterested out there right now. He also could be hurt too.
  3. Rick Bennett

    Hard to argue with those stats.
  4. Library to lose half million dollars in funding

    It's not just the library that is facing budget cuts most departments are getting their budget's cut as well. We are basically being told to do more with less while a specific VP on campus is trying to create their own kingdom and it appears that the person in charge is either asleep at the wheel or just incompetent. I had to post this with my alias account so that it doesn't get back to me. They are becoming so top heavy with Administrators that you have to pay those salaries some how. It seems every month they are hiring a new VP position. I used to think the leadership at this University had the best interest of the students, staff and faculty and that has completely changed. They are making so many decisions behind peoples backs that have huge implications and everyone is in the dark. Zero transparency and I know a lot of people are starting to get fed up with how they are running things. Could be a rude awakening for them when people start leaving en mass exodus.
  5. NCAA Hockey Scores and Updates (Non-Sioux)

    I think their whole team is overrated.
  6. UND/Midco 5 year contract

    For TV personalities I am actually ok with Sweeney and Scanlan. I appreciate their local knowledge and knowing how to pronounce our players names year to year. I am sure to some they seem like homers but I feel they do a good job.
  7. FORUM: What's a bigger deal: NDSU football or UND hockey?

    You can't even compare. UND has won 7 NCAA championships and NDwho? has won 1 JV championship. Maybe when NDwho wins 7 JV championships they can be talked about in the same sentence with UND hockey. Otherwise they have no business in the same conversation.
  8. No Family/No Chemistry

    I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Jones is shown the door soon. Maybe not this year but next year very luckily if things don't change and fast.
  9. Seth Jones Watch

    He probably would only be here one year maybe two tops. I still think he is going to go the Everett route but I sure hope I am wrong.
  10. Fighting Sioux Hockey 2011-2012

    Ok. I will concede that point. I fixed my post, bad analogy.
  11. Fighting Sioux Hockey 2011-2012

    Devils Advocate However IF Ferris State goes on to win the NC this argument will have failed. They have a grand total of 0 that's right 0 NHL draft picks on their team. You could say they are a team of Walkons Undrafted players.
  12. Brock, Danny, and Derek: PLEASE STAY!!!

    I have a feeling the only real flight risk at this point is Kristo. Brock is awesome but one more year in college and he will be really awesome and the same goes for Forbort. I guess time will only tell but in my opinion Kristo is probably gone, he can sign with the team that drafted him in 2008 (Montreal) now, refuse to sign and become a free agent this summer, or return to school for his senior season as a free agent. So you can guess which option Sioux fans would want him to take.
  13. Sioux vs. Gophers

    If you have internet through Midco you can go to http://www.espn360.com and view the live stream. Very good quality, just like watching it on a TV. Boy am I nervous for this one. Goofs are going to want some revenge. It will be hard to beat them twice in two weeks.
  14. #1 Sioux vs. #4 Western Michigan

    I agree. Welcome WMU fans.