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  1. GDT: North Dakota v. Richmond

    Man that was brutal, I was giving updates to a UND guy stuck at a wedding and it was painful in the 4th quarter, going to take a while to shake that one off.
  2. Closing in on Epic Title Drought

    Maybe this should be moved to GPL? Just saying.
  3. FINALLY! I can't remember the announcers saying Fighting Hawks but there were sure a lot of Sioux chants that they tuned in on. Sioux forever.
  4. NORTH DAKOTA vs. DU - THURSDAY F4 Gameday

    No kidding, they had a small army out there at times.
  5. NORTH DAKOTA vs. DU - THURSDAY F4 Gameday

    Agreed on that, this makes up a tiny bit for the late goals that killed us in years past.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA vs. DU - THURSDAY F4 Gameday

    Well that took another 3 years off my life that i couldn't spare. Wow.
  7. Apparently I'm good luck, NE had just scored when I got home and turned it on and then the next 3 from the good guys...I won't leave just to be safe. Is the Final on ESPN somewhere if they win?
  8. Yep, had every chance to take it.
  9. This game has been as good as anticipated.
  10. FCS Playoff Selection Show Thread

    Going to be real interesting what they do with the last few spots, I think UND has a good shot of getting in.
  11. Twins ?

    Tied in the loss column too, can this really happen?
  12. GDT: Drake

    Trap game between your first FBS win and the biggest game in years, not surprised it was a little stinky. Not many games you win putting it on the ground 7 times, they'll be ready next week. Should be a fun week for both teams.
  13. GDT: Drake

    By UND? How many lost?
  14. GDT: Drake

    Still up 21-11?
  15. Game Day Thread

    Good win guys.