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  1. 77iceman

    New Mascot

    That actually makes me want a mascot more! (as long as it's not a bird with teeth . . . still creepy)
  2. 77iceman

    Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    And I would say he is one of the smartest QB's out there. I was all about Bradford. He just can't stay on the field.
  3. 77iceman

    Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    I'm seriously stunned that anyone would bank on Bradford to be a starter. Mr Glass getting paid to start. I'm stunned.
  4. 77iceman

    Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    I was hoping for Keenum (start) and Bradford (backup). just sayin
  5. 77iceman

    Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    I get it . . . when an injury puts you out for years, or you seem to get injured about every third game. It's a business. They are paid to play, not set at home in a recliner waiting for another MRI result. I know, it stinks. It goes against everything I was brought up to believe. But if it's my money, I pay the guys that play.
  6. 77iceman

    Spring Ball 2018

    It appeared that the player issues came mainly from kids that were recruited under Bubba's regime. I'm assuming more of the same issues unless "we want quality kids" is acted upon instead of just being a nice little saying.
  7. 77iceman

    2018 Season

    That Big Sky Championship two years ago was won by the players more than the coaches. just my opinion
  8. 77iceman

    Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Keep Keenum as a starter, use Bradford as a backup and let Teddy sign on somewhere else. Teddy is a great guy, but we have no idea what he is physically capable of. He suited up, then sat the rest of the games. Not a good sign. Bradford is a great QB when he's healthy . . . hence I think he could be a good backup. I'll give Case the benefit of the doubt. He did a great job this season. And what if he is capable of sustaining that level of play? I would think Case would want to stick with the receivers and tight ends that the Vikings have. That team could be solid for quite a few years.
  9. 77iceman

    Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    In all honesty, who cares about interviewing the losing team. Coaches are not hired to be media spokesmen. They are hired to coach and win...if a coach or player doesnt want to talk i dont see the problem. I’m a Vikes fan. I could care less if i ever here an interview.
  10. 77iceman

    Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Glad to see my old Vikings back. Welcome home. i’ve missed you this season. In all honesty, very proud of the Vikes. Things are tracking in the right direction.
  11. 77iceman

    What do you think of the logo now??

    that . . . that right there could have been UND's logo!!! i'll take our Post Office hawk over the bird with teeth ANY day!! (great, bird teeth is the last thing i see before i go to bed)
  12. 77iceman

    What do you think of the logo now??

    I'm not a fan of the Angry Bird in a headdress. Zero imagination there. (at least the bird didn't have teeth . . . bird logos with teeth give me nightmares)
  13. 77iceman


    5.9 ypc? That's a stat that just doesn't tell the truth. The average run was for about .5 yards, then every fifteen plays or so someone would break one for 30+ yards. That one long run was usually 100% player effort. There's no consistency with that. It seemed that UND coaches were banking on that one in fifteen play to get them where they wanted to be. Sometimes the stats just aren't a reflection of how the games looked. Look at Disterhaupt's first few games this year. He was off to a great start with over 10 tackles per game until he ruined that ankle. The stats looked great, but a lot of those tackles were catching guys from behind 5 or 6 yards down field. That's not where you want to be making tackles. Certainly not knocking his efforts AT ALL, but the defense had issues with that happening even though the "tackles" stat looks good. Stats only tell part of the story. Look at the time of possession stats this last season, for example. Anyway, the only stat that really matters is the wins and losses. I can see UND holding the same staff through this coming season . . . but if I see a dive play to Santiago on first down ever again I'll be the first to shoot the OC a glaring look. Maybe even a strongly worded letter
  14. 77iceman

    2017 Season

    Our out of bounds was the barb wire fence. You'd rather take the hit than run out of bounds, right OLD SCHOOL?!
  15. 77iceman

    Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    Maybe had a bit to do with not being used to a receiver as fast as Izzy, too. That kid has some wheels.