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  1. 2017 Season

  2. Injuries

    Did we lose any troops today in the Griz game?
  3. Gameday vs Da Griz

    Our football team is looking beat up....but we could put together one hell of a wheelchair basketball team.
  4. Gameday vs Da Griz

    Disterhaupt is suiting up...but don't look for him to see much (if any) playing time.
  5. UND vs da Griz

    Stats tell me The Griz win....my gut says UND pulls off a win. Let our offense start the game playing down hill with the big guys in the back field and force the Griz to stop Brady n JJ. Run angry!
  6. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Whenever someone starts arguing UND and NDSU football, why does some UND fan always start talking about hockey trophies? It's like losing a drag race so you start bragging about having a nicer house.
  7. Gameday: UND vs Da other Bears

    yeah . . . "AJ, the kid with casts on both arms probably isn't going to give ya a high five" too funny!
  8. Gameday: UND vs Da other Bears

    Anyone else watch the video of the team singing in the locker room after the UNC game with the little kid with casts on his arms? I haven't laughed that hard in a long time . . . now let's see if anyone else catches what i saw.
  9. Gameday: UND vs Da other Bears

    Look, this team isn't going to play a perfect game this season. Be damn happy they won. The only stat that matters is the score...and they got the upper hand on that today. hopefully they can fumble their way to another win next week! go hawks
  10. UNC Predictions

    sunny and 71 degrees outside at game time
  11. 2017 Season

    I don't think you understood my point.
  12. 2017 Season

    Our "2017 Season" thread has been reduced to this. Plenty of good kids on that team that are heading down the right road and have good heads on their shoulders. It seems that anything out of line is usually handled swiftly. I'll expect the same thus time and the world will keep moving along.
  13. 2017 Season

    I'm not a drug advocate . . . but pot didn't really hurt them here. The laws against pot hurt them. Hurt everyone, really. This team has no luck, and events like this just compound the issues. Again, I really feel for the guys that are working hard and keeping their noses clean. It's going to be a long season.
  14. Injuries

    Anywho . . . I'm pretty interested to see what goes down this weekend. I'm hoping we see some outrageous play calling and perhaps a few trick plays. Seriously, gotta make some magic happen for ourselves.
  15. Injuries

    I know. I know . . .