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  1. That's some old-school Astros uniforms, there. I like 'em . . . in that baby blue leisure suit kinda way.
  2. . . . because I can't figure out how to store them on the VCR.
  3. I attended the Spring ball scrimmage, and to my eye, Gordon seemed to be more of a threat than Johanneson. Maybe I missed something. From what I've read, he has some background to him that maybe some people are still thinking of when they watch him. I'm certainly not saying he's BAD . . . I'm saying that from attending that scrimmage he would be my #4 back. Let's hope he proves me wrong and kills it this season. I'm so pumped that I've been watching replay games from last season now!!
  4. I drive up to Grand Forks from Sioux City, IA for almost every home game....and if i could have someone else drive, buy my ticket and some beers, hell, I'd sign up in a heartbeat! $95 would hardly cover your gas. Lucky for me, i get the short drive for this game.
  5. "left the squad". That might count as two strikes Wonder what the situation there was?
  6. Maybe that's why he went there? Start at the top and work down as needed . . . just a thought.
  7. I read somewhere that Ratelle was waived by KC. Correct?
  8. For every guy with a scholarship, there are one hundred more just waiting for the chance to get one. I don't really see any grey area to this. Not too tough to know right from wrong in situations like this . . . so congrats to the next man up who gets some playing time! So, any thoughts on who the "sack leader" will be this season? That spring game showed me that the speed is there on pretty much every part of the defense. (not so much there on size, though . . . excluding Tank).
  9. It may even be safe to let Studs suit up for this game
  10. Are those all of the wins out of 113 (foxsports.com) FCS vs FBS matchups in 2016? I guess that's one win better than 2015.
  11. wow, you guys really start drinking early, don't you?! Go Hawks!!
  12. Sarcasm . . . yes, that's why i said "ok, i know we want the win". We'll put the pads on and give 'em hell. Every time that ball is snapped my toes will curl a bit. Just sayin.
  13. I wouldn't even let Keaton suit up for this game! Ok, I get that we want the win . . . but I'm worried for his life (and the rest of the season) with this matchup.
  14. "Change a hawk to a little white dove" . . . correct lyrics. Which is even better.
  15. Looks as if the LB's will be good to go. Any big, downhill running team may give them fits, though. I can't think of one in the Big Sky Conference, though.