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  1. What do you think of the logo now??

    that . . . that right there could have been UND's logo!!! i'll take our Post Office hawk over the bird with teeth ANY day!! (great, bird teeth is the last thing i see before i go to bed)
  2. What do you think of the logo now??

    I'm not a fan of the Angry Bird in a headdress. Zero imagination there. (at least the bird didn't have teeth . . . bird logos with teeth give me nightmares)

    5.9 ypc? That's a stat that just doesn't tell the truth. The average run was for about .5 yards, then every fifteen plays or so someone would break one for 30+ yards. That one long run was usually 100% player effort. There's no consistency with that. It seemed that UND coaches were banking on that one in fifteen play to get them where they wanted to be. Sometimes the stats just aren't a reflection of how the games looked. Look at Disterhaupt's first few games this year. He was off to a great start with over 10 tackles per game until he ruined that ankle. The stats looked great, but a lot of those tackles were catching guys from behind 5 or 6 yards down field. That's not where you want to be making tackles. Certainly not knocking his efforts AT ALL, but the defense had issues with that happening even though the "tackles" stat looks good. Stats only tell part of the story. Look at the time of possession stats this last season, for example. Anyway, the only stat that really matters is the wins and losses. I can see UND holding the same staff through this coming season . . . but if I see a dive play to Santiago on first down ever again I'll be the first to shoot the OC a glaring look. Maybe even a strongly worded letter
  4. 2017 Season

    Our out of bounds was the barb wire fence. You'd rather take the hit than run out of bounds, right OLD SCHOOL?!
  5. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    Maybe had a bit to do with not being used to a receiver as fast as Izzy, too. That kid has some wheels.
  6. Gameday: Hawks vs Da Eags

    My favorite play was late in the game, first down, Studs launches a long one down field (under thrown) trying to hit Izzy. it was intercepted, but.... it showed some balls and a “want to win” effort. Playing it safe would lead to a loss anyway, so i applaud the effort for what it was. A statement saying “we want to win”.
  7. Hawks - Eagles

    I believe a few of these seniors are the last Mussman recruits. They stuck with it through good and bad...good luck to all of them in their collective futures!
  8. Hawks - Eagles

    It's yes if UND can score 41 It would take a few kick off returns for td's from Santiago and 4 pick six's. It could happen.
  9. Hawks - Eagles

    NOOOOOOO!!! So now "when" UND pulls of the upset EWU will have an excuse.
  10. Game Day @ Da Birds 7pm

    What is the band doing? Spelling out “Utah” for the foreign exchange students?
  11. Game Day @ Da Birds 7pm

    After watching that play again....it’s the taunt that got to me. Linemanngunning down a linebacker who’s cutting back is pretty normal. Taunting after the last play of the game when you’ve had your but kicked all day is just lame.
  12. 2017 Attendance

    Ha! That’s funny....she had just PUT money in it after she won at the casino last week. funny thing is that i don’t gamble.
  13. Game Day @ Da Birds 7pm

    We’ll send our big guy after him....wait, we don’t have a big guy. i remember that play very well. I was about to jump the rail and get a piece myself. Then i realized i was on the catwalk!
  14. 2017 Attendance

    FOUND MY WALLET!!! Now let's see if we can find a win this saturday!
  15. Coordinators & Position Coaches

    Have to remember that us fans usually are judging players and situations by what we see for a few hours on a saturday (or read on a forum). I trust that BH won that backup position in practices, but when there seems to be such a huge difference in performance it certainly raises questions. Football is an impossible game to figure out 100%, and that's what keeps it interesting.