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  1. Frybread

    I say Gordon. Johannasson will finally get the chance to give us what we always knew he had
  2. Frybread

    Ok, who will come out of their shell this year and become the beast master?
  3. 2018 Season

    That’s it? I’ve waited 3 days and that’s the best you can do? Gambling?
  4. 2018 Season

    3 days without football talk! You guys serious? Come on, some of us live for your insight and wisdom. GIVE US SOME
  5. Spring Ball 2018

    I enjoyed the game and it was what I thought it would be. A few nice surprises. Elevated seating would be nice though.
  6. Spring Ball 2018

    Down load it. Go to channel 240. We had a time or two were we had to click out of it and reopen it
  7. Spring Ball 2018

    Made it to Sioux land. Some icy spots snuck up on us on 200. Looking forward to this. No predictions on a won loss record but I think we’re going to see a pretty good rejuvenated team this year.
  8. 2018 Spring Game

    Thank you. I will pass it along.
  9. 2018 Spring Game

    Midco will be televising the spring game. Who will be broadcasting on the radio and what time does it start?
  10. Spring Ball 2018

    Hope he’s doing all right. You two supply me with my my main talking points every Saturday night, around 9:32 pm
  11. Spring Ball 2018

    I kind of get that impression also. Hope us distant fans get periodic updates. I hope the team will fight the whole 60 minutes of every game this year. Kind of felt there were times last year the team stopped playing before the final whistle.
  12. Spring Ball 2018

    Ok. The football forum, minus our complaining, is about dead. Spring ball started two days ago and hardly a word. Come on people. Let’s hear some chatter, some critiques, and some criticism. 90% of the time this forum is the only link us fans hundreds of miles away have. We need to get this up to a fevered pitch by August.
  13. 2017-18 Season

    Finally made it to a Sioux basketball game. Well have to this more often
  14. Non-UND FCS Thread

    I understand most of the people on this board, including my self, are pro Und. In a few years the yearly Sioux/ Bison battle will return. The tougher the Bison are the Tougher the Sioux will be and it will take a very good and very tough team to bring home a National Championship. Having to go through a legitimate Bison team will only make it better.
  15. 2018 Season

    Merry Christmas everyone and to a great 2018 ending with a playoff game or two