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  1. Ever attended graduation at U of M-TC? So many Communications majors. Their service industry jobs aren't flexible enough to attend.
  2. Any links to the font?
  3. Denver Post article begging the Avs to hire Montgomery
  4. St. Clair is GM and coach for an AZ team in WSHL (low level juniors). Good for him. Likely a fun job and good starting role in the industry.
  5. Rowney getting props from announcers. Never expected that. Good for him.
  6. Agreed. I like the font.
  7. Separate but equal
  8. Duluth fans can rest well knowing that their team never quits.....HAHA #moralvictory My schadenfreude for Duluth was strong this year. Glad I'll never see Osterberg take dives or cheap shots again. May they never hang #2.
  9. What are the odds Duluth hangs a runner up banner in their rafters?
  10. Coyle just out-muscled/hustled the puck from Jost resulting in a Wild goal.
  11. Koules and Gerlach are the only other commits who bolted for the W in recent memory. Gerlach would have been a good get. Koules was garbage in the W but supposedly daddy was going to endow some stuff at UND.
  12. No, Jones never committed but Wodon of College Hockey News said he had in an article and refused to admit he was wrong about it.
  13. Can include Lemiuex in this too. And according to Adam Wodon of CHN, Seth Jones! Dude made a real fool of himself refusing to admit he was wrong about Jones commiting and decommiting from UND.
  14. Poganski should stay and wear the C in order to boost his coaching resume. He's too much of an NHL longshot. I hope he's giving that possibility a thought.