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  1. If they make it to campus at all.
  2. Simo and cam both in Detroit Tigers hats
  3. Aaron Dell nominated for Bill Masterton Award
  4. Wish I'd grabbed a screen shot from when ESPN showed them as MNSU-D in their bracket.
  5. Chartrand might bolt after two years and not a sniff.
  6. Dangle the C in front of Jost to get him to stay.
  7. Careful, or someone will ask to compare w-2s
  8. 2014 Ferris State Bulldogs can relate. Tough loss but glad to make the tourney. See you in Sioux Falls next year?
  9. He was off based on the rear camera but it's tough to call.
  10. Who is gonna start the "sucks to BU" chants?
  11. The scout job helps for sure, he doesn't lean on citing what round each player was drafted as the only gauge of a player's ability level.
  12. Starman is good but he showers EVERYONE with praise. Talking about how important Simonson is to the team on Saturday got an eye roll from me. A few years ago when he announced the game where O'Donnell had a hat trick against Duluth he was talking about how OD had such an outstanding career...he was scratched half the time with injuries or just not making the lineup. That said, he is knowledgeable about the game and the current college players. Takes the time to pronounce names the right way. Also, he's not overly enthusiastic like a certain ESPN guy. My critique is something a big fan would notice, but it likely makes it more enjoyable for the casual fan. If that's the worst aspect of his pxp, he's doing well.
  13. Use Google voice to create a phone number with a different area code than 701. I.E. 218, 320, whatever Northern Wisconsin is, etc.
  14. The friends I have who went to Duluth rooted for them during college but then moved back to the cities and reverted back to casual Gopher fans. I've met other UMD alum like this as well so it's not just my small sample size. It's like the college hockey version of lesbian until graduation. Do you live in a ski town? The only places I've ever seen DU gear has been on ski trips.
  15. This group of Bulldogs has definitely earned last place in this poll. We played MN and DU this year and don't have any individual skaters to despise. Also, Duluth winning would result in their fans claiming they should be considered among the upper echelon of teams in college hockey, and while not the case I don't want to read their poorly reasoned opinions.