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  1. Announcement coming this evening that 5 schools will receive funding to conduct feasibility study to add D1 hockey. U of Illinois confirmed...what are the other 4? Speculation time. USC Colorado Stanford Alabama UNLV Rutgers Iowa/Iowa State Nebraska Who else?
  2. Sounds like an online school issue a la Colten St. Clair.
  3. Could be a public pledge drive to fund the program. "For 100k, you get a jersey autographed by the captain!"
  4. Thanks
  5. Link? Or name of Twitter user?
  6. The longer he stays uncommitted the better our shot at landing him if he's at Penticton, assuming he is set on the college route.
  7. Maybe Guentzel wants to play at home after he wins a Cup with the Penguins.
  8. Hopefully they address the delay. 5 minutes behind on the Roku app. If it's like that on the android/ios app there's no reason to use that over the website. Chromecast from the website was only a minute or two delayed.
  9. Wilkie's brother isn't expected at CC until Fall 2019 so unless he is brought in early they only get one season together. Too bad he can't grad transfer into CC since its an undergrad only school.
  10. Holy Cross to Hockey East Edit: women's. That's what happens when you only read the headline.
  11. Ever attended graduation at U of M-TC? So many Communications majors. Their service industry jobs aren't flexible enough to attend.
  12. gracias
  13. Any links to the font?
  14. Denver Post article begging the Avs to hire Montgomery
  15. St. Clair is GM and coach for an AZ team in WSHL (low level juniors). Good for him. Likely a fun job and good starting role in the industry.