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Hakstol's post-game comments:

We did a good job tonight. We gave up the one point blank opportunity in the first period, but we did a good job defensively. One little dip in the first 4-5 minutes in the 2nd, but other than that, the guys did a good job.

We took what was there. We didn't turn the puck over a whole lot into the trap in the neutral zone. For the most part, we did a good job. When you have a play like Trupp's first goal, that has a way to put the defense a little back on their heals.

Our PK really took out a lot of their momentum. It gave the fans a boost, which gave us a boost.

We've been doing a better job of putting pucks into the net. We cycle hard and cycle well. One of the things we don't want to do is cycle for 30-40 seconds and not get a shot on net. Last week, Duncan was rewarded, tonight, Watkins was rewarded.

The first half of the game, Zajac/Trupp/Frattin had a real impact on the ice offensively. Zajac's a very strong player on the puck. Hopefully, that line continues to grow.

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I'd give Finley one of the 3 stars ...

Especially after that shot to the pills. I'm still feeling that one.

Seriously, he was all over the place tonight. A really solid game on D and a scoring jugernaut (sp???). And Trupp should get the #1 star. Scoring the first goal and an all out hustle for 60 minutes. He just gets better every single game. Typical Sioux recruit.

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Great - UND put together a very solid game. Scrappy, energetic, and pretty smart.


We did a good job defensively. We worked hard, except for one little dip.

We took what was there tonight. When there were plays to be made, we did a good job.

The penalty kill gave us momentum. Excellent energy, and the fans gave us a boost.

We cycle hard and well. We've been talking about getting the puck to the net quicker off the cycle.

What are we seeing from the new combinations? Zajac - Trupp - Frattin are clicking. Hopefully that continues to grow.

Geez - how does someone else type more and post faster?

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Important win in the CCHA - Michigan State over Notre Dame. That may help UND in the pairwise later ...

And UNH comes back to win vs UMass ... similarly a nice bump to our pairwise ...

what were we before tonights game in the pairwise, i thought we were 8th? we're 6th now according to collegehockeynews

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I don't get Miller with Osh and Duncan. With Osh in the middle he will be the playmaker - Miller is not the finisher needed with that line. He was setup several times and did not cash in. He was very ordinary tonight.

I wouldn't say he was bad. He played hard. Just didn't have anything to show for it.

More than anything else, I think Hak wants to spark the other lines by moving Vande down, and Kaip, too. Maybe if Miller keeps playing this hard, he will show his potential, after all.

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Tonight was probably the best game Zajac has had all season. He just seemed to be a force out there.

I also like the defensive pairing of Jones and Marto. While Marto makes a few mistakes here and there, it seems like Jones is right there to back him up. I also think we got a good glimpse of Marto's speed while 4 on 4.

Trupp is steadily getting better and better. I'm hoping his semi-slow start at the beginning of the season indicates that he won't burn out and this fiery, aggressive play will continue until the end of the season.

Great news that Ben Russell is along on this roadtrip. With everything that happened earlier in the season, it's awesome that the little guy gets to have some fun.

All in all, great win tonight. Let's get the sweep tomorrow!

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