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Change your mind Lamoureux Girls!


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I agree, go to UND. That way your parents don't have to drive all that way on icy roads in the winter to see you play some place else. Be a part of history as the Sioux go from the cellar to the penthouse in the years you will play here. Beautiful campus, REA, great community to live in, And if that doesn't sell you on UND.. remember Red Pepper is only in the Gf area :silly: !

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I too wish they would go to UND, but if they were my daughters I would want them at Minnesota. The reality is that UND has had a poorly coached and managed program and the burden is on them to show progress before top recruits will go there. Note that my criticisms do not extend to the players or the current coach who has yet to show us what he is about.

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I'm not saying that the twins may not still change their minds, but my understanding is that the chances of that happening were a lot better prior to Minnesota's head coaching change.

Something about a snowballs chance in hell or something like that...

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I wonder why they ended up at Minnesota and didn't go Ivy League? I'm sure Harvard, Dartmouth, or Princeton would have liked them there.

Every D-I program would have liked to have them on their roster...to put it mildly. Perhaps they can best answer the question themselves:


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