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  1. Fans in Minnesota can now commiserate with the loss of Tapani with the developments regarding Kessel.
  2. http://www.grandforksherald.com/content/womens-hockey-forward-tapani-not-return-und
  3. Tapani? Had heard some time ago she may not be back.
  4. Too bad I watched the game. Yeah...you got boned by the officials. That's it.
  5. Thinking the split could put Harvard in the #4 spot behind UM, UW and Cornell myself.
  6. Oh the lame response minus any shred of evidence backing up the bull manure assertions. Yeah...a couple clowns herein are inner circle...in the loop regarding recruiting methods at Minnesota. Sure thing.
  7. Hey...your account is good enough for me. Gospel. They sat her down after inviting her then simply said we have no interest in you. Thanks for stopping by. You bet. What a fabricated crock of !@#$.
  8. A rumor I heard, actually read recently, the young forward Alex Woken at SSM.
  9. Righto again chief. Tremendous arrogance to be honest, forthcoming and up front with a potential recruit. Better to lie and promise her ice time and tell her she should ignore all her other options. Gee, I wonder if your personal acquaintance is an oh so infrequently encountered angry, bitter hockey parent because his daughter wasn't Minnesota's top priority in her class. Fargo kid seems happy enough with the recruiting methods. Scandinavia's pride on ice. Maybe you should actually take a gander at the UND roster at some point.
  10. Selective hearing. I'm listening and watching. I would guess he's calling as he sees it. Including also mentioning blatant non-calls on UND as well. Didn't hear that I guess.
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