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I'm absolutely loving the weather... can't remember the last time we had the furnace on. I love seeing the entire community come outdoors (or so it seems at least). What are the rest of you doing outdoors (I know some are running :ohmy: ) ? This weekend I paddled 9 miles on the Red Lake River.

Red Lake River, MN

Current on the Red River of the North is still pretty strong, but I can paddle against it for some distance. I have also noticed a couple other kayaks in town so I'm not the only one. I ran into a couple on the river a week or so ago which was nice.


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Hey Sooners,

I have a kayak myself--Perception Acadia. I also hike along the ocean and in an area known as The Pinelands here in New Jersey. After years of thinking about it, I just bought a motorcycle and am up to 35MPH :lol: That would be OK except everyone in our state drives 70MPH--through school zones!!!

Enjoy the outdoors everyone.



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Thankfully, tee-ball just ended this week for the year. My oldest was put on a team by the name of *cough, *cough, Wisconsin Badgers *cough. She could have been on the Maryland Terrapins, Florida State Seminoles or Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, but no, she gets the stinkin' Badgers. Thankfully, she didn't want to get an individual picture with, so I will just have a team picture to try and forget.

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