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Michigan Tech Drops Football

The Sicatoka

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That is good news. Michigan Tech has never been a power or even made the DII playoffs but is a well known college in the DII ranks. I hope they can keep the team going.

There is still Mass-Lowell that is dropping out of DII football. I know NDSU is looking for another home game. Maybe NDSU can get an easy team that is from the Northeast 10 Conference to play the 11th game of the season to have an easy non-conference game.

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Here's the release from the MTU site:


HOUGHTON, Mich. -- Michigan Tech football coach Bernie Anderson issued the following statement today regarding the Tech football program.

"Since the announcement of the elimination of Michigan Tech's football program early last week, we have received overwhelming support from alumni and friends. They are passionately committed to continue the 81 years of positive contributions the football program has provided MTU.

A group of alumni supporters, who recognize the need for structural changes that meet the State of Michigan and Universities new budget realities, have been working with Rick Yeo and myself on a plan to make football self sustaining. We are in the final stages of completing a plan that is acceptable, do-able and benefits the entire University. We intend to review this plan with the Football Advisory Council, receive their input and secure their support. The plan Rick Yeo presents President Tompkins should serve the University, allow spring practice to proceed on schedule and ensure the financial future of MTU football Our goal is to complete our planning, reviews and secure support of the "MTU Football Leadership Plan" by early next week.

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Here's the story from the Detroit Free Press with dollar signs intact-LINK HERE

Michigan Tech reinstates football program

Monday, March 31, 2003


HOUGHTON -- Michigan Technological University is restoring varsity football, just weeks after announcing the program would fall victim to budget cuts mandated by statewide higher education spending reductions.

The 2003 football season will be played as scheduled, university officials said Monday, including the Aug. 30 kickoff home game against Ashland.

"Alumni and friends of the program have set out a pretty ambitious fund-raising program," said Dean Woodbeck, university spokesman.

Head coach Bernie Anderson said Michigan Tech and alumni have a plan that will guarantee the 82-year-old program's survival for at least four more seasons.

"We never want to go through this again with these young men," he said.

Anderson and athletic director Rick Yeo informed the 100-player team during a meeting Monday morning, The Daily Mining Gazette reported.

Michigan Tech cut the football team after a March 5 announcement by Gov. Jennifer Granholm that the school's state appropriation would be cut by 10 percent. The school expects to save $350,000 from not funding the football program.

Yeo said Dennis Euers, a 1966 football alumnus from Fayetteville, Ga., was instrumental in helping develop the plan.

Euers said he and several other alumni started working on a business plan shortly after hearing about the team's plight.

By June 1, the team needs to raise $300,000 in contributions. About $550,000 needs to be developed in special event revenue, fund-raisers, contributions and season ticket sales. The program hopes to sell 1,000 season tickets annually.

Alumni donations will be sought to fund a $1 million football endowment by the end of the year with an additional $3.5 million endowment by next year.

"Athletics is the front porch of the university," Euers said. "Without that front porch, it's even more difficult to sell the university."

The Huskies compete in the Division II Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Defensive end Josh Kunnath, a third-year applied ecology major from Macomb, said, "Some of us didn't give up hope."

I wonder how they will vote on scholarship reductions? :huh:

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